Katharine House Hospice Pledge to Make a Difference


The Dementia Carer Voices Team would like to thank Vanessa Edensor and Angela Marston for inviting Tommy to speak at Katharine House Hospice Seminar on 5th September 2016.




Caroline Baker the Director of Dementia Care gave the opening remarks and Professor Wilf McSherry from Staffordshire University gave a speech on dignity in care.  Local Dementia Groups were also asked to join in on the day.

We are proud to display the pledges from the day and celebrate people and all the work they do.


I pledge to say “thank you again Tommy” Report to follow. Best wishes.



I pledge to continue to challenge other health professionals who do not treat a person with dementia as an individual!!

Sophia Meredith


I pledge to incorporate supporting a person centred approach into our study days.

Joe Potts


I pledge to smile, say “hello” and ask “how are you today?” and mean it!!

Karen Henshall


I pledge to always look into a person’s eyes and ask them if I can help them

Carlo McCormick


I pledge to listen and ask what matters to you!

Shona Tolmie


I pledge to continue to recognise that everyone matter and let them know they matters.



I pledge to always spend time with our patients, talk, listen, laugh, sing, dance.. anything let them live and enjoy that small part of their life that is left.

Liz Williams


I pledge to always keep my patients love stories alive, and listen to what and who matters to them. And get access to the care and support that they deserve

Rachel Bailey


I pledge to five my loved ones a voice and my time.

Megan Wilton


I pledge to always find out what matters to those I care for, to find out about who they are, their stories and pledge to help them get the care they deserve.

Ginny Owen


I pledge to ask the 3 questions: what matters to you, who matters to you, and how can I help!!

Ujaala Younis,


I pledge to hear and listen to everyone who wants to talk and needs help in whatever aspects of their life

Jacqueline Griffiths


I pledge to continue to support best friend, who was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 49.

Sue Adams


I pledge to listen to them before I am doing something for them


I pledge to always ask and then listen.



I pledge to apply that I have to learn goodly to my continued brining and whatever lies ahead.

Patrick Weetman


I pledge to ask, listen and do.


I pledge to explore new ways of supporting cares whilst the person with dementia is in hospital, there’s more we can do

Stacey kerr-Deiwoah.


I pledge to learn a listen to people’s stories of life

Sharon Norman


I pledge to listen to what matters and who matters to my patients.

Mal Cotterill


I pledge to raise money for research into dementia just completed the memory wall 4/9/16 on Cannock Chase

Wendy Jones


My pledge is to listen and try and make a difference each day



I pledge that after this course I should understand my patients better and it will help me in my job roll

Mandy Stirling


I pledge to listen, learn about the person

Sarah Curry


I pledge to try and make someone laugh and feel special every day.

Elaine Hinton


I pledge to hear the words the voice speaks and to look into the eyes and see the person, ( to ask the question)

Val Clarke


I pledge to always take time to learn about the patient’s story and life

Katie walker


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