Emergency Information Service – an exploratory event

The ALLIANCE are hosting a discussion event or ‘exploratory’ around potential services that allow a person to give emergency services access to their vital medical information at a time of incapacity – such as respiratory emergencies, heart attacks, stroke, epilepsy etc. We are inviting you to this event to bring your knowledge and experience to the discussions.

There are many services of this kind – including Meditexts – that allow ambulance crews, police or members of the public text a code found on the person and receive tailored information on such things as allergies, diagnosis, emergency contacts, carers etc. So far these have been developed by social enterprises and community interest companies. We would like to bring together charities, the emergency services and patient groups to explore various aspects of this type of service.

Discussions would centre on:

  •          Is this something that would be useful in principle?
  •          Is there a need for this type service among people with long term conditions and their carers?
  •          Is there a need for this type of service in the emergency services?
  •          What are the potential issues with this sort of service?
  •          How would this service best be delivered?

This exploratory will be quite informal and flexible in terms of where it goes and what it involves. There will also be no compulsion to join in with further events that may come out of it – and will not require any specific commitments, organisational or otherwise. We are simply looking for views and opinions.

Find out details of how to sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/emergency-information-service-an-exploratory-event-registration-28186995061 

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