Recognising the Carers Conference


Big thank you to Jane, Margaret and Natalie from Heart of England NHS Trust for inviting Tommy to speak at the Recognising the Carers Conference on 23rd September 2016.

This was also a launch proper of the Joan whitelaw reminiscence room charity at the trust.



The day was truly inspiring and informative with lots great speakers, resources and info on the support available for carers across the trusts.

You can read the inspiring pledges received on the day to ‘ make a difference’ below.

Team DCV  🙂

I pledge to listen, think, try, and smile

Cark Bowsher


I pledge to always put the person first to find out who they are



I pledge to offer support and be more compassionate, towards carers making a difference


I pledge to have patience not patients, respect an neve rush

Bridger Leach


I pledge to never withdraw my help and support from my son show suffers with mental illness


I pledge to remind professionals who my mom is more regularly. Help professionals to see how important it is that they know the person and to be kind

Christina Hyland


I pledge to continually reflect upon the values I hold and let me into clinical psychology, compassion, empathy, genuine, understanding, empowerment and justice. Both personally and professionally



I pledge to not get angry when people stare at my disabled or make nasty comments but to educate them

Catherine Williams


I pledge to reflect upon how I engage with people, to always endeavour to provide a listening ear a kind word and to see the person above all else.

Katherine Roberts


I pledge charring my career from retains and my life to caring by end of November 2016

Angela Hyland

I pledge to listen more and offer support and comfort, understanding to someone with dementia

Carol Lightfoot

I pledge to do my very best for my residents. Listen more and make them feel safe and happy

Shirley Mitchell, carer, Longmore nursing home

To promote greater awareness of the challenges faced by people with dementia and their carers

Tony Cannon

To carry the torch started by Tommy, to champion that progress does not always need finance, that kindness and love makes a difference

I am a caring person by nature and I intend to continue to care for everyone I come across. This is family, friends, colleagues and the wider public

Spend a little more time each day to chat and ask how you are, and what can I do for you today! To make at least 1 person smile every day.

I pledge to always be welcoming and make sure I treat people as individuals and how they would like to be treated

I pledge to always listen to my patients, and learn who they are, know them as a person and not dementia. To know no one is challenging

To listen to the pt more and be more understanding

To make sure every person I come across feels that they have been cared for, listened to and that I’ve done all I can to make that person feel supported. I want to make a difference.

Lisa McLoughlin

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