Admiral Nurses Pledge to Make a Difference



Dementia Carer Voices were proud that our Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw was invited to deliver the plenary session to open the day at the Dementia UK Admiral Nurses Conference on 20th September 2016 in Nottingham.

The topic this year was  ‘Creative Approaches in Dementia Care with  a full house with approximately 170- 180 Admiral Nurses.

Dementia UK have Admiral Nurses working in a number of different settings ; including supporting families in the Community, supporting care homes and who to deliver relationship centred care by involving families, supporting families in acute hospitals.   They are very keen to develop Admiral Nurse posts in Scotland.

You can find some more basic information here

We are inspired by all that Admiral Nurses do and by the fantastic pledges below received on the day.

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Thank you from all the DCV Team

My pledge is to treat all my carers and families like my nana, also go to see my nana a more!



My pledge is that I am going to look out for my neighbours more and loving my community together with a street party



My pledge is to commit to under in the service, I lead to have hope and trust as the driving value

Andrew Hughes,


I pledge to help my dad run his oldies chair, started for people living with dementia and older people



I pledge that I always listen to a person’s life story and support them to remain that person/

Dr. Gayle Borley


Me pledge is to always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose, the purpose continuing to support those I work with and never lose my compassion



I pledge to increase the number of admiral nurses in the north east of England.

Julie Allen


I pledge to continue taking the message of why dementia care and support is important after I retire by working as a volunteer with dementia UK

Lindsay Stewart


I pledge always remember the story of Joan Whitelaw in my practice to see the person first and their importance to the carer

Lucy Chambenain

I pledge to take time every day to make time to speak and listen to someone who might not have anyone else around them

Michelle Lloyd


I pledge to help my friend cope and manage with problems in their family due to dementia, because I have been there


I pledge to not to walk past a standard, would not accept.

Sarah Richardson


I pledge to continue to grow and learn more as an admiral Nurse

Cathrina Moore


I pledge to bugger what you are told on how to act and feel , act and fell what is best for you and the person that you are with at that time.

Melanie Sisson


I pledge to honour the memory of Joan by bringing more admiral nursing services to families throughout the UK

Wendy Weidner


I pledge to continue to raise awareness of admiral nursing and provide support for nurses in practice

Suzanne Wightman


I pledge to have what I do every day and have enough time to hear all those have stories



I pledge to be kind to others and support those in need.

Nicky Addison


I pledge to be and to listen

Jacqueline Crowther


I pledge to never stop asking questions about how we can all make me lives of people living with the effects of dementia better.

Rachel Thompson


I am going to tell my mum and dad that I have them and thank them for being there for me.

Andrea Bentley


I pledge to learn more and support the nurses I work with in practice to continue to deliver excellent person central care to people with dementia.



I pledge to always put all else to one side and listen to the person in front of me as the individual they are



I pledge to want to make a difference to people’s lives always with compassion and understanding.



I pledge to do my best in the DUK fundraising team to raise more and more, pounded Admiral Nurse for those who need them



I pledge to allow people’s love stories to continue and if I ever feel jaded in my work, I will always remember Tommy’s passion and emotion in the way to continue to love his mum for ever

Susan Ashcroft-Simpson


I pledge to always treat others as I would wish to be treated myself

Hilda Hayo


To continue to care for individuals and families guided by my experience, passion and heart, in their best interests, with them at the centre of care delivery.

Marie Thomas


I pledge to continue to do the small things that make a huge difference to the lives of carers.



I pledge to continue to provide compassionate care and support to the people I work with. Both the carer and the person living with dementia.

Cathie Arbuthnot-Jones


I pledge to do my best to help people.

Saul Mason




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