University West Scotland Ayr Nursing Students Pledge to Make a Difference


With great thanks to Fiona Millar, lecturer at the University of West Scotland for inviting Tommy back to speaking to 2nd  Nursing students at the Ayr Campus over 2 talks.


Tommy has had the great privilege to speak at the Ayr campus before you can read the pledges from 2014 Here and 2015 here.


Tommy was joined by David Marshal and Susan Donnelly from the Care Inspectorate along with Rhona Millar from the ALLIANCE’s Health and Social Care Academy.


Thank you once again for the kind opportunity to meet the inspiring Nurses of the future


Please take time to read their wonderful words and pledges below:

Hoven Lee Walker, I pledge to listen and help to each patient and work alongside their family to achieve the best result possible for them and to treat them as a person.
Lauren Cornell I pledge to be kind and always do my best and to see my patient as an individual, not the condition.
Demi Littlejohn I pledge to recognise and act on when someone is struggling and give respect and dignity to all the patients that I care for to make a difference and spend more time to make that patients life that I am caring for easier and better
Kiera Howatson I pledge to treat everyone I care for with kindness and the way I would want all of my family members to be cared for if they had an illness
My pledge is to stop and think about person and remember their an individual, the are not an illness and treat them as an individual.
Jade Langan My pledge is to listen to and support my residents/ patients to the best of my ability
Shannon Jones My pledge is always find out who the person is before caring for them, to always speak to their family and carers, and find out how their feeling and coppin with the situations they are in, and to they need help/ advice
Shaunie Russell I pledge to always try and support individuals and their carers, to not only see them a unique individuals with a story, but to include them and their carers in decision treatment
Hazel Goodwing My pledge is to listen and care for my patients and support the family, let them know they are not alone, get to know and understand the person whilst always being kind, showing compassion and making a stand to help every way possible.
Connie Graham I pledge to take the time to get to know the individual for who they are and not focus on their illness, also to support their families. Carers and find out what’s important to them as a family.
Jode McWillians I pledge to continue to have a smile on my face and continue to ensure I try my very best to make who I care for smile.
Simone McCahill I pledge to make people and their families feel there is something to fight for even on their tough days.
Craig Johnston. I pledge as a suffer of a long term health condition; I want others to get the same high standards of care I expect, need and want.
Charlie kerr I pledge to know them better what/ who matters to them. To make the time to talk and listen to those in my care + treat them with compassion at all times. I also pledge to further my knowledge and understanding to allow me to help those more effectively with their daily lives and their care
I pledge to spend as much time with people with dementia and treat them with as much respect as I would expect for myself.
Lisa McGhee. I pledge to never ignore a patient, to treat every patient as an individual and to take time to get to know patients and make a difference to their life and to view/see the person, not dementia.
Mary Brannan I pledge to treat everyone in my care with privacy, dignity and respect and see the person not the illness.
Chelsea Cannell I pledge to look beyond peoples medical needs and get to know them and their story. I will also ensure that cares/ family remain involved.
Sarah Marie I pledge to always be compassionate, and put the person at the centre of their care. I pledge to be loving and caring in everything I do.
Alice Morris I pledge to provide care which is person centred in a kind and compassionate manner tailored to individuals’ needs.
Leah McKendry I pledge and promise to ask how are you and listen to your answer, celebrate your joy and comfort your pain
Jack Hastings. I pledge to treat everyone with dignity and respect; I will act as a comforting voice to those who need it
I pledge listening to patient, doing my best to help them, I want to be a good nurse who has a good heart, and using all the knowledge to help people.
Dionne Buchanan I pledge to look at the person not the condition to care and support individuals and their families. Be the advocate, give them time and love like they deserve.
Jade McKie. I pledge to do my best and always learn to know the person not the disease.
Alison Murray I pledge to make every person I care for to feel like an individual and listen to everything they have to say,
I pledge to make a difference by making someone smile being patient to listen
Kelly I pledge to care, to see an listen to your story
Stacey I pledge to spend as much time with dementia patients as necessary
Lauren Millar I pledge to care for people as you would if they were your ow
Julie Mckay. I pledge to be kind, caring compassionate to everyone I work with, treat people how I would like to be treated.
Pauline Gaw I pledge to make a positive difference to a person’s well- being and health no matters how small
Graig Jamieson I pledge to make someone smile everyday
Stephanie Cole I pledge to make a difference to every one of my patients, to care for my patients the way I would want my family to be cared for.
Natalie I pledge to make a difference and show kindness towards individuals and be the best caring nurse I can be.
Lorraine McCreath I pledge to make gran ( a retired nurse who has dementia) proud never stop learning from the people I meet
Victoria McNicol I pledge to always give person centred care, be respectful of the person their family, friends and always strive to be a positive support.
I pledge to make a small positive change and difference to people lives. To try and take the time and listen to the people I provide care for
I pledge to support, assist and encourage patients to be as happy and as cared for as they need. I also pledge to never see dementia and instead see the individual.
Kirsty Cruickshanks I pledge to support individuals living with dementia and their families with the upmost dignity and respect they deserve, to care, to love and to listen
Kayleigh Prew. I pledge to treat every service user with dignity, respect and compassionately. I also pledge to treat everyone as an individual.
Liane I pledge to encourage, care and listen and provide the things that will inevitably and hopefully make a difference to that person’s well-being and their lives as a whole.
Adam I pledge to always put the person first, never illness, to always let the person be themselves, always.
Olivia Robertson I pledge to get to know a person by their name, their story, and not as the person with dementia.
Lyndsay Smit I pledge to always be there for someone who need help, is vulnerable, scared and just wants a chat. It is not only doing things that shows your care it’s as little as just being a pair of ears helps a lot
Emma I pledge to always know a person by their name and story and not their illness
Aimee Edwards. I pledge to make more time and have equal amount of patient for every patient to learn their story and what makes them who they are
Caroline Paton I pledge to always do my best to make my patients care experience as pleasant as possible
Wendy Woods. I pledge to be the kind of nurse that makes a difference, creating a little bit of hope where people think it is lost
Michelle McKenna I pledge to make a difference no matter how small to treat people as unique individual, reminding myself how privileged I am to be doing what I do, and sharing individuals stories and journeys.
Julieann Cowie  “the standard you walk past, is the standard you accept, “ I pledge not to walk passed
Alex Rodge I pledge to feel motivated
Lynne I pledge to continue delivery the best possible care, treat every patient with dignity and respect,, Be  the voice for those who need to be heard, and listen to those who need support.
Hayley Strang. I pledge to always respect an individual for who they are as a person and not their illness
I pledge to make my community dementia friendly, aware to support those within it to remain and thrive there
Lina Peggie I pledge to listen to all carers and service users to help understand them as an individual and treat everyone as an individual with kindness respect and dignity. Give everyone a reason in life to smile.
Yvonne Anderson I pledge to be the nurse people look forward to seeing at the start of a shift, as they will know they will be cared for in a way which is respectful and dignified. Their holistic care needs will be listened to be met.


I pledge to make a difference and listen
I pledge to always try to be the best nurse I can be
Sheree Sharpe I pledge to always be kind and understanding to listen to those living with conditions and their carers.
Michelle Taylor I pledge to smile, always show people that I do care, I love my job.
Shennan Whitford I pledge to came to nursing from a work environment that frequently accused me of sticking up for people, I hereby pledge that I will always stick up for you, the person
I pledge to always take the time to listen, to listen to the persons wishes and the families wishes, worries and concerns. I will act to keep my pledge
Sarah Wilson I pledge to continue, to make a change, to always listen to my patients and treat them as an individual.
Rebeca Sgarlata I pledge to strive an continue to listen to what clients, patients have to say and finish my degree with the best that I can do. And to continue having the appropriate skills and attributes throughout my nursing career
Eilidh Stewart I pledge to listen to patients stories and learn about their background through  this support them to improve their future and care service.
Leanne Selwyn I pledge to continue to treat people as individuals focusing on what matters to them, giving people their own personal identity right to the very end.
Tone Owens I pledge to continue to make a difference and ensure my service user feels safe and is grateful for my care
Mannah Paterson I pledge to make every one of my patients smile and feel happy at least once every day. To encourage them to see the light, even in the darkest of times.
Lauren Daly I pledge to always listen to everyone that needs me to and to always be kind, caring, and supportive and listen to people’s stories.
Elaine Smith I pledge to be more understanding of dementia, the effects it has on the sufferer and the family involved.
Erin Wilson I pledge that for the rest of my career I will comfort, reassure and support the people in my care to fulfil their potential and recognise what and who matters to them.
Kim Ramsay I pledge to take the time to listen to patients, carers and families and help them in any way possible.
Gemma Ramsay I pledge to stop and listen to anyone who wants to stop and talk to receive kindness and reassurance to prevent feelings of uncertainty loneliness
Samantha Doherty I pledge to look beyond a person diagnosis to get to know them and make sure people never feel alone, be kind to everyone I meet, no matter what.
Yasmine soger. I pledge to make everyone’s journey easier than tommy’s from the start to finish.
Tracy Taylor I pledge to be patient, selfless, supportive, understanding to people with dementia, their family, and loved ones.
Shannon I pledge to be patient and take the time to get to know the patient in my care
Kharlene Haddow. I pledge to always make everyone smile on the good and the bad days. I will always recognise every person as a special wonderful individual that they are. Always treat others as you would like to be treated.
Sarah I pledge to get to know the patient and their likes and interests rather than getting to know them because their illness.
Rhianna Laird I pledge to always listen to the people I care for, and I also pledge to always find out their story and background and not just their name and illness.
I pledge to always see the person and not the illness. To treat everyone in my care ( their families, carers, friends…) with compassion, dignity, respect,. I pledge to listen
Megan Smillie. I pledge to always put my patients’ needs firs, and to make sure that I can make a difference no matter how big or small to my patients, and to always keep them safe.
Hollie. I pledge to provide the best care I can, and to listen to the patients needs and what matter to them.
Natalie Glover, I pledge to always be kind at patient and always put the patients’ needs first to offer a better tomorrow than today.
Sophie Haswell U pledge to  always listen to people stories, I pledge to never walkpast  and always give my full devoted attention in caring for my patients and care and love of those as though they were my loved one. I also pledge to love my job and day, I stop loving what I do is the day I will retire.
Claire Smith I pledge to listen to individuals’ stories and learn more about them
Charlotte I pledge to provide a listening ear to those who need one.
Tracy Graham I pledge to always see the person and not the illness, to take the time to listen and continue learning to improve understanding.
Melanie Milligan I pledge to devote my time to make a difference to each and every patient I care for, to always remember who that patient is and not what their condition is.
Loren Dake My pledge is to ensure I always put my patients’ needs first, to not treat the conditions but the patient. I pledge to empower my patients to have a voice when it comes to their treatment and care
Shannorn Glass I pledge to listen to the patient’s stories to continue being non-judgemental and understanding of the life they lead
Jennifer Jordan I pledge to continue providing a high standard of care throughout my training and when I qualify will continue to listen to my patients and not judge them
Chesea Milligan I chose to study mental health nurse after watching my granny live with and lose her battle with dementia; I pledge to use my profession to help those like many nurses had helped my granny. I pledge to make them smile, fell safe and comfort them when they are scared.
Clara Gomez I pledge to learn about every story, experiences and never forget that, it is on our hands to make people’s life better.
Linzi Carter I pledge to go above and beyond to ensure everyone, patients, carers, and their families are actively listened to and do everything I can to inform and offer support.
Tony Reid I pledge to remember every persons as/is an individual, and to help them take each day at a personal pace by minute or hours.
Holly Austin I pledge to always ask “how are you?” and really listen to their answer
Claire Gilliland I pledge to treat everyone as a person not a condition.
Kervin I pledge to always treat a person with dementia with the same dignity and respect on those who don’t
Emma Anderson I pledge to always be friendly and approachable to individuals, to help in whatever way I can and to never make anyone feel ignored or dismissed.
Melanie I pledge to continue seeing people as the person they are
Regarn Marsh I pledge to always make the effort to get to know the people I am caring for, and use their journey and way I can
Ruby McMaster I pledge to remain passionate when caring for people living with dementia, to be supportive to carers and families.
Zoe Frith. I pledge to always be there for my patients and listen to everyone and help when I can
Lindsey Higgins. I pledge never be that nurse
Roxanne I pledge to always take the time to listen to listen to my patients and carers, I pledge to always see the person and not the condition
Steven Gilchrist I pledge to always take the time to listen and to be their when needed
I pledge to listen and understand the patient and see them for who they are, as individuals, and not how their illness portrays them as.
Claire Harbison I pledge to treat people as the unique individuals they are with their own story, rather than their diagnosis or bed numbers, everyone has worth regardless of their background, unconditional positive regard¬
Sophie Carson I pledge to always treat people as individuals, respect their wishes, empower them, and promote their quality of life as much as I can.
Katherine. I pledge to remember the small things which can make a huge difference to patients, their families’ lives small things include, listening, talking to patients about their lives, being kind approachable.


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