Belfast General Ward Collaborative Pledge to Make a Difference


With great thanks to Nichola Cullen, Trudy Harknes and all the team for inviting Tommy to speak at the General Ward Collaborative in Belfast on September 13th.


This was a day to bring teams together to discuss dementia and delirium led by the PHA safety forum.

The inspiring dementia Northern Ireland group where also invited to speak. This is a group of people from across Northern Ireland who are living with dementia


The day was a great day of learning and listening to the lived experience



You can read the inspiring pledges below  from the day:


I pledge that no matter how busy the ward is and how stressed I feel, I will take the time to smile, listen and be kind.  Dawn Montgomery

My pledge is to spend at least 10 extra minutes with the next 10 dementia patient, 9 on treating. Gavin

My pledge is to spend more time finding out what matters/ what is important to my patients. Claire

My pledge is to make time to listen to my patients and their concerns, worries and use my new knowledge of dementia to better care for my patients and improve their experience. Naomi Ewing

My pledge is to ensure staff who work in the service, I manage are trained in dementia care

My pledge is to keep Tommy’s work in the forefront of my project work streams Laura

My pledge is I will listen to the people stories and use it as a way of getting to know them better. Alexandra Baird.

My pledge is to see the care as well as the person with dementia, Andrew McCullough

My pledge is to listen, to teach, to learn. Ciaran Trolan

My pledge is to get to know the person behind the illness Paul McIlmail.

My pledge is to not only listen to what matters but to do what matters Phyllis McConnerl

My pledge is to do the best I can in every situation. Margaret

My pledge is to inspire my ward team to think dementia every day. Siobhan Blair

My pledge is to ensure every ward to my patient, is a kind work

My pledge is to learn 1 thing new each day from each patient in my care Karne Hull.

My pledge is that I am going to listen more to patients and carers. Jackie Williams.

I pledge to have future care for all dementia patient that makes us feel cared for the manner that takes every all our fears. Anne Scott

I pledge to believe we have a health service that care. Liz Cunningham

I pledge to make awareness about dementia M Bhattad.

I pledge to always take time to know the person before the patient. Holly Warren

My pledge is to listen more and allow person time to talk

I pledge to be more aware of younger patients with dementia and to be respectful of their individuality and capabilities. Sarah Ward.

I pledge to take more time with patients.

I pledge to listen understand and genuinely care, for patients and their carers. Reading the feeling of isolation Carla Beech

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