Ashford & St Peters Pledges and New Dementia Bays

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Great thanks to Louisa Daly, Head of Patient Experience and Involvement, Fiona Holley, Practice Development Lead and all the team at Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for inviting Tommy back to the hospital to take part in the opening of the New Dementia Bays at St Peter’s.

Tommy gave 2 talks and help launch the new ward pledge trees designed by the children from the paediatric wards.

Key people we would like to say a massive thank you too at the hospital are:

Suzanne Rankin – CEO
Aileen McLeish – Chairman   
Layla Hibbs – Dementia Specialist Therapist
Diana Sheridan – Dementia Specialist Therapist
Russell Wernham – Deputy Chief Nurse 
David Sills – Lead Admiral Nurse
Heather Caudle – Chief Nurse

Tommy has  had the great honour to speak at the hospital before. You can read about our previous visit here.

The dementia bays are situated within the care of the Elderly wards and the objective of the project is to “Enhance the Healing Environment”.  The environment has been adapted, taking guidance from current research, through using colours and minor alterations to create a calm, therapeutic environment for people with dementia and their loved ones.


You can read some of the inspiring pledges below from the two talks and we are really excited to follow the story of the ward pledge trees and watch them grow.

A big thank you from all the DCV Team for a truly inspiring day.

My pledge is to listen to my patient’s stories and meet their needs and help them as much as I can.

I pledge to listen and understand what matters.

I will try to listen to patients and views and give them some love.

I pledge to help and listen to my friends and neighbours who have always been an inspiration.

I pledge to take the time; however limited. I feel I have to ask what matters.

I pledge to always ask about my patients and listen to them to provide the best care I can.

I pledge to always find out what matters most to make a difference no matter how big or small.

I pledge to hear and listen to patients.

I pledge to get to know the person and look past the condition and see the person inside.

I pledge to give more time; listen to my grandmother she has Vascular Dementia.

I would be more interested about life history of my patient.

I pledge to always listen and take time with cares and people with dementia.
Claire Goodall

I pledge to find out my patient’s stories, find out who they are, and who and what matters to them.  Alison Cunningham

I pledge to really listen and be the voice for those who don’t have a voice or aren’t heard.
Sarah Hill

I pledge to give time to listen and discover the person.
Sue Southey

I pledge to listen attentively to someone with dementia, and learn about his/her past.
Christina Walsh

I pledge to remember that people lived before and after coming to hospital. Condition does not define the person.
Samantha Lamb

I pledge to take the time to listen to my patient and to be their tole and to make a difference.  Nicola

My pledge is to listen, have compassion and understanding of dementia patients and cares stories/lives.
Beverly Ruby

I pledge to give as much care, support and understanding as I can.
Sarah Davison

I pledge to touch people`s lives, playing as part of their love stories, not seeing dementia but the person that used to be and that stills there.
Filipa Carolina

I pledge to listen more to what matters to others.
Andy Brown

I pledge to always care for the beautiful person I stand by not just the condition they are labelled with. I pledge to listen.
Natasha Bland

I pledge to always see the person and not just the patient.
Helen Young

I pledge to take more time to listen and understand my patient.
Samran Flowen

I pledge to listen and care for people.

I pledge not to take for granted those people with dementia who would ask for my help.

After today I pledge to spend more time to listen and make them Feel wanted.

Listen, Listen, Listen to patient’s.

Dedication, compassion and patient first.
Dr Peter Enwere

I pledge to be of good importance to everyone that come my way irrespective of their situation I will take time to ask what matters to people.
Remi A

I pledge to learn why patients feel the way they do and to learn about what matters to them. Hannah Hills

I pledge to always take the time to listen to a patient’s story and find out what matters to them. Katie Williams

I pledge to see the person first, always, not the dementia.
Ella Hill

I pledge to listen and to find out what and who matters to you. What can I do to make a difference? Jill Mills

I pledge to find out more about an individual’s story so that I have better understanding.
Sarah Boyle

I pledge to help fight the terror of loneliness. To provide support, encouragement and love as I am able.
Laura Greaves

I pledge to treat every human I meet with the dignity they deserve and more.

I pledge to always try and make sure people living with dementia and their carers do not feel alone.
Kelly Wright

I pledge to tailor my care to incorporate more of what matters to the individual.
Emily Smye-Rumsby

I pledge to find out what matters most to my patients.

I pledge to listen and hear.

I would try to listen and understand what my patients are trying to say to me.

I pledge to treat all my patients with kindness.

I pledge to support people with dementia.

My pledge is to be kind and caring nurse.

I pledge to make a difference to each person I meet by making sure that what and who matters to them matters to me and I will keep them in mind and in my heart I may able to care for them the best wat possible.
Pajo Rachelle Timosa

I pledge to listen, patient and give support to make someone feel safe.

My pledge is to be understanding and listen to their stories.

I pledge to care for people with dementia with utmost dignity.
Melissa Medina

I pledge to listen to my patients and to spend more time with each individual who needs help.
Jungune Wei

I pledge to be more understanding and patient.
Val Green

I pledge to listen to cares and learn what I can make to help and support a dementia patient under out care and out of work.

I pledge to ask, listen and do what matters to make a difference and to use what I have learned from patients and cares when teaching others.
Samantha Knipe

I pledge to listen to people that have dementia and be there for them more.
Sally Hindie

I pledge to listen to the history and my patients.

I will continue to put myself in my patient’s shoes and care for them as individuals.
Libby Simpson

I will continue to make a conscious effort to make time and effort with patients and to know more about the patients life before dementia, As a student I currently have more time to carry this out. Stacey Stemp

I pledge to know your patient. Listen. Do not treat based only on what you can see geographically but try to seek clarity on what they really need.

My pledge is to make sure to know the story from all patient and all their fears so I could find the best way for caring.

I pledge to ask what matters, listen to what matters and do what matters each day. To never lose sight of peoples “you`re stories” and work to keep them alive.
Cara Charles-Barks





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