Lancashire Pledge to Make a Difference!


Friday 22nd July saw Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw, visit Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.. The event was held as part of the Trust’s commitment to ensure people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.

Massive thanks to Jo Blofeld, Patient and Carer Experience Lead in Adult Community Services for arranging for Tommy to come and visit to share the campaign and his caring experience.

Jo said

“What a morning we had on Friday at The Harbour to mark our commitment to people with dementia and making sure that they feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.  Thanks to all of our wonderful staff who made the event happen and to our guest speaker Tommy Whitelaw for sharing his experience and knowledge with us! Read more on our website”:




You can also find a film of the day here.

And the video developed to capture the day of memories here

Special thanks to all that took the time to make a pledge to make a difference.  You can now view the pledges below.

Thank you Team DCV 🙂

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I pledge to treat people as I always do.
Paula Sutton-Whalley

I pledge to take time to listen to feedback from patients, carers and staff about how we can improve the care we provide to patients with dementia and their families/carers.
Tanya Hibbert

I pledge to do everything I can to ensure that all our staff can care for people in the way that they want to be cared for “keep my mother’s story alive”
Heather Tierney-Moore

I pledge to ensure that I and the board do all we can to support and celebrate caring.
David Eva

I pledge to do all I can to increase access to research for people with dementia and their carers. Amanda Thornton

I pledge to offer comfort to those in my care and their families and carers every single day. Lorraine Poppleton

I pledge to always listen to my patients their relatives/carers and really get to know them and their story, always showing compassion and kindness.
Victoria Blundell-White

I pledge to always try to make everybody laugh and smile around the unit as when I make others happy it brings happiness to myself.
Lewis Cornall

I pledge to maintain the dementia wards at the harbour. Ensuring that the service user is not disputed and are made to feel comfortable in these environment as much as possible.
Andy Slater

I pledge to try to support those who are caring for people with dementia and always remember how difficult their lives maybe.
Carmel Jones

I pledge I will make a difference. I will ask those questions.

I pledge to get up on every working day and make sure I know all my patients the best I can to help ensure that continue smile.
Sophie Humphries

I pledge to listen and hear and know my patients, staff and their loved ones to make our services and care the best it can be.
Sheila Kasaven

I pledge to do everything I can every day to ensure we support people`s love stories with care and compassion. Understanding what matters to you.
Helen Lee

I will continue to see the person before the illness every time.
Diane Billington

I pledge to connect with carers better to make a difference and encourage all others to do the same. Sallyann Walker

I pledge to do the best I can to support the care provided across the trust at all times.
Michelle Hawkyard

I pledge to make my auntie’s life that she had left more memorable.

I pledge to ask what matters, who matters and can I help make a difference.

I pledge to give the best possible treatment but make the time to find out about the patients, what I can do to make them feel better.
Victoria Parker

I pledge to be kind, understanding and to truly listen to the stories of people with dementia and their cares. And to make any difference I can.
Caomlia Preston

When I recognise the strengths in patients their cares and their families I will highlight it – Give praise, encouragement and support and celebrate what they are doing well.
Leah Houghton

I pledge to keep the person at the centre not the disease.
Helen Hatcher

I pledge to listen, be more understanding and patient.
Carole Wolfenden

To truly listen to the person and the carer and try to improve their lives in any way I can.
Kim Gregson

I pledge to continue dedicating my life to improving the lives of patients with long term conditions in the community. I pledge to continue to show compassion and care to every patient and carer I meet. My pledge will go with me throughout my career. My job is my life.
Kelly Mortimer

I pledge to ensure I spend more time with any patients admitted onto the ward.
Simon Brind

I pledge to continue to make my differences no matter what. Privacy, empathy, respect, support, organise, nurse.

I pledge to empathise with people and their carers where dementia features in their lives. Everyday.
Joanne Greenwood

I pledge to let go of what really matters. To stay connected to my care values of being a nurse “People matter”.
Paul Tipping

I pledge to listen to everyone’s love story.
Leila Eccles

I pledge to always listen and do my best to find out how I can make a difference to the lives of everyone who needs help, whether they have asked for it or not.
Sue Threlfall

I pledge to support family and friends who are caring for someone with dementia and to learn more about services available.
Diane Crowe

I pledge to listen to peoples love stories, patients, carers and my colleagues.
Patsy Robert

I pledge to find out where the people I support went on their first date. TO enable my team of support workers to make a difference by removing what barriers I can.
Kathleen Storton

I pledge to continue listening and auctioning and championing all the lovely amazing families I support in the community giving each visit my all and listening to each love story.
Amanda Boult

I pledge to keep kindness at the heart of how I practice.
Rachel Sager

I pledge to listen and make sure client and carer have the right information for their journey ahead.

My pledge is to remember to see the person first and the dementia second. Also to remain respectful and try my best to listen and help and hear what the patient and carer story/message is.  Lyn Nettleton

I pledge to continue to care about my patients and their cares and to push for more life story work to make it the norm not the exception.

My pledge is to uphold the rights of people with dementia, to listen to the person`s wishes what matters to them/reassure carers.
Caroline O`Brien

I pledge to continue to uphold reason for nursing and not to lose sight of what matters to patients and cares and to provide reassurance of support and continued support.
Lynne Pebbles

I pledge to always look for the bigger picture.
Sharon Grime

I pledge to support teams to ask what matters to the people they help.

I pledge to see the person, before the illness and to treat people as individuals.

I pledge to remember the person, be kind and take time to listen. Stop you: Nothing

I pledge to dedicate myself whole-heartedly, to have love and kindness manifest in all that I do in work with people. Every person has a story and I will celebrate what people can do, whilst supporting what they cannot.
Jimmy O`Donnell

I will listen to what is important to the person and their carer and hear who they are.

I pledge to listen and care. To learn about the person and to empower them. Through dementia friends/champions. To help others to understand.
Jenny Macking

I pledge to stay positive for those I support.
Nicola Donaghey

I pledge to always see the person, their life and their story.
Emma Hooper

I will try my best to always be kind in talking with people who have dementia and their carers. Julie Patel

I pledge to raise awareness.
Keith Holt

I pledge to support my teams to see the person behind the dementia in all the care they provide.

I pledge to listen more closely to my nurse’s stories to enable them to listen better to their patients with care, kindness and thoughtfulness.
Diane Barton

I pledge to always ask “what do you need” and is there something more I can do.

I pledge to listen and be available at all time.
Natalie Moore

I pledge to have patience and understanding.
Kathryn Newton

My pledge is to be a better person to make a difference.
Debbie Kellett

I pledge to listen to my patients and to try and make even a small difference.
Joanne Burrows

I pledge to support and assist staff and carers breaking down barriers.
Stephen McGarry

I pledge to make more time for people.
David Curtis

I pledge to learn something new every day about all the people I care for and work with and always be kind.
Catherine Hargreaves

I pledge to get to know something about everyone I work with.

My pledge is to listen more, offer support to people I know who are living with dementia.

I pledge to incorporate dementia assessments for patients who are at risk within the district nursing services.
Jo Davis

I pledge to understand concerns and how an individual may feel, confused, annoyed and angry. To continue to treat everybody with integrity and respect and to closely monitor the impact of services in these areas.
Michael Buck

I pledge to set up catering focus groups across sites and review whether to take place bi monthly or quarterly. To include clinical reps, services providers and property services.

I pledge to look people in the eye and take time to say good morning/afternoon and evening no matter how busy I am.
Janet Lomax

I pledge to try and bring kindness to every engagement I have at my grandmothers nursing home.

I pledge to continue as always to recognise the person for who they are in a holistic way and defend the rights of the vulnerable.
Lesley Mabrock

I pledge to keep remembering “what matters” to the individual and my own mum.
Anne Oliver

I pledge to give high quality dementia assessments and show compassion for those coming to our service every time.
Laura Hancox

I pledge to integrate dementia awareness/care available info district nursing consultants. Deborah Pike

I promise to meet with ward managers and service users at the harbour on our dementia wards to see if there are any improvements property services can develop for the benefits of the environment and I can act on those recommendations to make appropriate adjustments where possible.

I pledge to make it as simple as possible for people to be heard at LCFT.
Sarah Harrison

I pledge to listen to everyone’s story so that I can help them to make a difference to their lives including people who use our services, deliver and support the delivery of our services.
Anne Allison

I pledge to give time and to listen to those of need.
Sue Mighan

I pledge to have understanding and consideration to people I come into contact with who suffer from or relatives dealing with dementia.

I pledge to support the communication channels to cares to enable them to get the right support when needed.
Denise Carson

I pledge more person centred/staff and complainants, delivering a good service.

I pledge hearing feedback at all times.
Paul Crisp

I pledge to help memory assessment services to be able to provide better post diagnostic care for patients and carers.
James Harper

I pledge to take time to listen to feedback from patients, cares and staff about how we can improve the care we provide to patients with dementia and their families/carers.
Tanya Hibbert

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