NHS Ayrshire & Arran pledge to make a difference

Big thank you to our good friend Janice McAlister, Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Nurse Consultant for inviting Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw to speak at the Ayrshire & Arran Care Home Dementia/Delirium Conference on July 18th at Crosshouse Hospital.


We have worked together with Janice and Derek Barron who chaired the event many times in the past. You can also view a film we made in partnership with the University of West Scotland, NHS Ayrshire and Arran and the ALLIANCE.

It was great to back to attend and for Tommy to speak at, what was a brilliant and inspiring day.



Read the inspiring pledges from the day below:


I pledge to give my residents the best quality of life available to them. Always to see “the real person” and not the illness.
Jane Harkness

I pledge to improve my resident’s quality of life through my role as activities co-ordinator. To make their life as joyous and filled as possible.
Adam Smith

I pledge that I will never lose sight of the person in my commissioning role.
Val Allen

I pledge to treat every person I nurse the way in which I would like someone to nurse my much loved relativities.
Laura Houston

I will spend more time and make more effort to learn more about the people I care for to improve people’s lives.

I pledge to attempt to make a personal connection in every interaction with residents on a daily basis no matter how little time I have.
Kelli Thomson

I pledge to treat everyone in my care as “a person” and give them the dignity and respect they deserve. Always put myself in their shoes “how would I feel?”
Dawn Kenneth

I pledge to help my residents as much as I can and make their life meaningful.
Sharon Smith

My pledge is to always care for patients with respect, dignity and as an individual understanding more about them as a person.
Kelly McCartney

I pledge to listen and hear my residents, to act upon their wishes to see them smile.

I pledge to make a connection that makes some person feel special every day.
Ina Speirs

I pledge to continue to hold people’s hands and listen to their stories.
Sheena M Martin

My pledge is to beg, borrow and plead for integrated training for all staff within the care homes i.e. dementia champions.
Ann Burley

I pledge to ask our residents. What matters to you? Who matters to you? Reflect in plan. Georgette Langan

I pledge to help, in whatever way, people to be cared especially, children and elderly people. They are our conscience.
G Ferrara


Thank you Janice, all the team and to all who attended.  We look forward to catching up soon and to continue to take our You Can Make a Difference Work to care homes across Ayrshire and Arran.

Team DCV



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  1. […] to be going on a Mini Tour of Ayrshire. In fact, our Make a Difference Campaign started in Ayrshire with Derek Barron and Janice Mcalister at Ayr and Crosshouse Hospital, and the launch of the first Pledge trees along with Kerry Rennie and Tony Fisher for North […]

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