Wishaw General Hospital Launch Pledge Hearts


Massive thanks to Gillian Corbett @corbet6gillian Chief of Nursing Services, Wishaw General Hospital, NHS Lanarkshire for kindly inviting Project Engagement Lead, Tommy Whitelaw to speak at the CASS Conference and help launch the what matters pledge hearts across the hospital.

Each ward will now have a personal poster with a ward pledge surrounded by staff personal pledges.

The team will also be going back to give more talks over the next weeks and months to support and work with the staff and their pledges.

Special thanks to Gillian Corbett, Frances Dodd and all the team and staff at Wishaw Hospital for the kindness and passion to make a difference.





Below is some pledges we have received via email and our blog.

Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

My pledge would be to get to know more about dementia, for my family & friends to see your website & presentation to raise awareness of Dementia plus the work you are doing.
Brendan Forde

My pledge is to help where I can with my local community and to remember that the patient is everything in my role.
Clare Morton

As a nurse for 32 years I now pledge to always listen to the voice that tells me to put a hand on that shoulder and never listen to the voice that says I`m too busy, I`ve done enough etc I will also get the place I work in to get a pledge tree.
Chris Burton

I pledge to become more involved with the Alzheimer`s Society, supporting people with dementia.

To become more aware of family/friends/neighbours needs or future needs around dementia.
Lynne Massam




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