DCV attends NHS Conference

The NHS Conference took place at the SECC on 14th and 15th June 2016.  Dementia Carer Voices showcased a pledge stand at the event, in the hope to share information and ask people to make a pledge.

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Well what can we say what a great two days meeting old and new faces. Twitter went into overdrive and you can follow the updates from the two days over at @DementiaCarerVo  or via the #nhsscot16

Big thanks to everyone who stopped by both the DCV and ALLIANCE stands and for those who made a pledge to make a difference.

If anyone living with or caring for someone with dementia would like more info and support please check out our page here

Take a look at our photo collage and the pledges made on the day below.

From all the team here at the ALLIANCE we thank you for your continued support and if you missed out in making your pledge you can send it to the team at dementiacarervoices@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Team DCV 🙂

I pledge to continue to support families and patients. Ask the questions that are important.

I pledge to research more into the signs/symptoms of dementia and also the care required.

I pledge to share info learned today with colleague’s friends and family #peopleareimportant

I pledge to be more aware of how my work impacts carers.

I pledge to learn more about the signs to look for that could be the early stages of dementia.

I pledge to find out more about dementia and their carers.

We will continue to train staff in communities around dementia.

I pledge to always try and listen to everything a person says.

I pledge to keep promoting and trying to get the person and carers voice at the heart of the decision making process.

I pledge to teach my child to care for others and be kind to all.

I pledge to be a good listener, support families and patients. Advocate and help enable and empower patients/persons in hospital and community.

I pledge to try harder to understand what’s happening to my mum and have more time for her.

I pledge to post about dementia care/rs on our Facebook page.

I pledge to inform family and friends to different services/communities that can help them to live well.

Listen, Learn and Empathise.

I pledge to look after my father who has vascular dementia better.

I pledge to promote the dementia standards through care staff SVQ and promote the dementia carer voices person centred approach 5 key must do with me areas.

I pledge to be more mindful of others and pay more attention.


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