DCV celebrate #DAW2016 at Hairmyres

The whole team were proud to attend the launch of Hairmyres Pledge tree as part of their dementia awareness week activities.

The whole team was at the event, as well as the Director of Hairmyres Hospital Erica
Reid. At the launch, ALLIANCE Director Irene Oldfather thanked staff for their continued hard work, and for pledging to support our campaign.

The launch of the tree was inspired by our ‘You Can Make a Difference Campaign’ where Project Engagement Lead Tommy Whitelaw had spoken to staff previously about his experiences of caring for his late mum Joan Whitelaw.  We’d like to thank Mairi-Louise Houldsworth, STAG Local Co-ordinator at Hairmyres Hospital for organising the pledge trees and inviting us to take part on the day.

The day was truly inspiring and we’d like to share a poem, written by Brian Doig from East Kilbride Dementia Carers Group

The Person Inside


If I wore a plaster cast on my leg,

And hobbled onto the stage

You would make allowances for me,

Irrespective of my age.

You would not scoff or laugh at me,

I’m sure you would not stare.

You wouldn’t ask what my problem was,

I don’t even think you’d care.

You wouldn’t relate my leg break,

To how long I’ve been on this earth,

I’m sure you would not judge me,

Or estimate my worth.

So please, make allowances,

Don’t scoff or laugh,

And please, oh please, don’t stare.

Don’t ask others about my problem,

Or talk as if I’m not there.

If you want, show concern of a genuine kind,

And help me retain some pride.

Look beyond the things that you don’t understand,

And then, you may reach the PERSON INSIDE.

Brian Doig

East Kilbride Dementia Carers Group


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