Bolton NHS Fountaion Trust raise awareness of DCV

With great thanks to Christopher Davidson @beefwizard, Dementia Nurse Specialist at Bolton NHS Fountaion Trust who took the message of You Can Make a Difference to heart.

Inspired by one of Tommy’s talks, Christopher wanted to share the message of the pledges across the Trust, and taught a Mental Health Awareness, level 2 adult evening course at Bolton College’s Dementia Awareness Week Engagement Session.


The learners were aiming to work with people who are experiencing a mental health issue and the unit Christopher taught was called ‘Understanding Dementia.’


Speaking about the class Christopher said ‘I drew on a lot of the work of Dementia Carer Voices, including sharing Tommy’s ‘’If we hold on together video’’ and collecting pledge cards on his behalf’


Thanks so much for your hard work and encouraging other people to make a difference, its lovely to see people sharing our work and spreading the message that you can make a difference!

You can read the pledges from the session at Bolton College here:

I will continue to help an elderly couple with practical needs, eg cleaning, washing bedding, Samantha Berry

I will learn more about dementia and think about how I talk to people, Mark Marguerie

To teach dementia, Chris Davison

To help others understand Dementia and respect people with the disease, Holly Stead

To stay focused on understanding the individual needs of those who we at the start of dementia and help the needs of family, June Noble

To get a greater understanding of dementia, Alex Miller

To be aware and hopefully recognise early signs of dementia, in loved ones and myself, Tania Chapman

A better understanding of dementia, Marie Thomasson

To educate myself more on dementia, Michelle Jones

To help and understand the problems people face with dementia, Linda Moss


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