West College Paisley Students Pledge to Make a Difference!

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Thanks to Barbara MacDonald for the kind invite to speak at West College Paisley to
health, social care and nursing students on 28th April 2016.

Tommy has had the great honour to speak at the college a few times over the last few years and looks forward to returning.  View the pledges from the last visit here.

As we approach 10,000 pledge’s is it with great pleasure to display the pledges made this year below.

Thanks Team DCV 🙂


My pledge is to help people who require help or suffering from loneliness. To make them feel better and keep them happy as a future nurse and would love to help people to my best ability and understand their pain better, and to bring a smile on their faces.
Ayesha Mahmood

My pledge is to put that certain smile on a person face. To see the gratitude.  To listen and care.  To stop and think twice.
Donna Adams

I pledge to take the time to get to know each individuals story. What they enjoy, like and don’t like to provide the best possible care I can give to fit their individual needs.
Chloe Marshall

I pledge to be more understanding and empathise with patients/residents, by putting myself in their shoes.
Joanne Hamilton

I pledge to be a voice for someone requiring care and to always care for people the way I would want myself or my family to be cared for, with respect and dignity and kindness.
Stephanie Carr

I pledge to bring as much joy and happiness to those I care for that is possible.
Jennifer McGurn

I pledge to provide dignified and respectful personal care always remembering that individual would prefer to do this themselves.
Nadia Main

I pledge to take time to understand the journeys individuals have experience throughout their lives. I want to continue their love story and let their happiness continue.
Jennifer Moore

My pledge is to listen to anyone who needs me, to always be kind as you don’t understand what people are going through.
Sarah Archer


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