DCV attends Gateshead Dementia Conference


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Big thanks to Christine Fawcett,  Dementia Specialist Nurse and all at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead for inviting the Dementia Carer Voices team to speak at the “Changes for the better in Dementia” Conference at Gatehead Health NHS Foundation Trust on 25th April.  As always we as proud to display the pledges we received on the day.
Thanks team DCV 🙂
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There was a pledge tree launched on the day for staff to add pledges too, over the coming months.
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My pledge is to ensure that I manage to train/educate at least 1 person per day, every day. Christine Fawcett

I pledge to never forget the poignant story Tommy Whitelaw shared today. A very special person and thank you Joan for making him.  Both special.  I promise to carry on trying to make a difference.  I will play my part I promise.

I pledge to make a difference, find out more about the patient/cares life to improve their care and stay in hospital.

I pledge to take time to listen. To see the person not just the condition that is affecting them. Anita Watson

My role as an elderly nurse specialist for care homes involves involvement with residents with dementia – sometimes I need to see the resident more as a unique person that a resident who is very poorly.
Claire Robson

I pledge to help encourage patients to talk about their lives before dementia and the good times they`ve had (I pledge to think of the person behind the dementia, not just the fact they have dementia)
Erin McGuiness

My pledge is to help those suffering from dementia to keep their memories alive and remember who they really are.
Charlotte Anderson

My grandma died alone, scared and afraid. She forgot who she as, were she lived, what life she had led.  I pledge to never let anyone go through this and to do all I can to help people with their lives. Joseph

I pledge to change what is the matter with you? Into what matters to you? Stop you: Not keeping this in mind every single day.
Karen Franks

I pledge to share information about dementia with patients, staff and friends in order to educate them about, treatment and care for people with dementia and ways to avoid dementia for as long as possible via life style choices.
Stephen Urwin

I pledge to continue to advocate for people with dementia within current role (to improve/develop the service they receive).
Steven Common

I pledge to have a better understanding of the person before the illness.
Julie Moore

I pledge to analyse my own basic daily activities and think how basic this would be to someone with dementia i.e. making tea, setting the table.
Paul Huddleston

I pledge to be able to get to know an individual about their past lives and experiences.
Melissa Hindes

I pledge to take into consideration how they feel and what/who matter to them in order to provide them with quality care.
Amy List

I pledge to recognise every individual for the great person they are and not to define them by their condition and diagnosis. To encourage them to live their life and to express their individuality and just to be there for them listen and be a friend.
Lara Young

I pledge to remember Tommy Whitelaw and his mum Joan`s story and to try and always be THAT person that somebody needs.
Lauren McCartney

I pledge to make time to always listen, engage in conversation and offer support all the time and to each person.

I pledge to dedicate my nursing carer to helping people live well with dementia and support their carers.
Michelle Lewins

I pledge to support and prevent neglect in patients with dementia and advocate and promote their wellbeing.
Kamara Barnes

I pledge to be more understanding to people with dementia and their needs.

My pledge is to ensure I listen, converse and find out what matters to the pateints and family I encounter and care for.
Maxine Shorten

I pledge to continue to gain an understanding of how dementia affects families and how I can take the time to listen to their fears.
Louise Halfpenny

I want to make a dementia love story.
Vikki Beat

I pledge to listen, never worry about asking if I can help anyone ever again.
Denise Forster

I pledge to take time to get to know dementia patients, what matters to them, who their family and loved ones are.
Gemma Middleton

I pledge to raise awareness within the team/department.
Heather McAdam

I pledge to look at ways of quickly identifying patients who are living with dementia when they attend outpatient department, in order to make their time there less stressful.
Sharon Edwards

I pledge more support, empathy, information, listen, more understanding and time.
Margaret Brock

I pledge more help and support on the unit with dementia patients.
Natalie Frecker

I pledge having more advice and support on the ward.
Maureen McClure

I pledge to always listen and find out about the person, who they are and what is important to them.
Debra Robinson

I want to help you be the person you have always been.
Karen Robertson

I pledge to continue to look after the people I care for as if they were my own.
Ian French Thompson

I pledge to always care. Treat people with dignity always.  Always be willing to learn and understand.
Alexi Russell Atherton

I pledge to become a dementia friends and to have more of an understanding of the disease.

I pledge to be able to educate relatives and other staff members on the recognition of early signs of dementia and provide information and support when discharging into community settings.

I pledge to help make our department more dementia friendly.
Jennifer McCafferty

I will promote and encourage person centred care. I will be a voice for people, support others, and give my time and kindness.
Andrea Burnett

I endeavour to become a dementia friend and relay information from today’s conference to my colleagues to ensure a safe hospital environment for dementia patients.

I pledge to always try my upmost to find out about people’s stories and lives and understand them. Emma Crone

I pledge each day aim to #makeadifference and share the experience.
Chris Crone

I pledge to look beyond the condition and really get to know the person and their carer, to ensure I can provide the best care and support possible.
Lindsey Laws

I pledge to listen. To listen to those living with dementia and their cares more thoroughly in order to understand their needs and preferences so I can provide better care.
Joanne Louise Long

I pledge to become a dementia friend in and out of work place.
Judith Atkinson

I pledge to take more time to speak to families and cares and patients about their life. To ensure I deliver the best care I can.
Shaunie MacDonald

I pledge to make a patient/cares journey less lonely and unsupported (Be a friend)
Lyndsay Grassler



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