Busy few weeks for Dementia Carer Voices #Scotland #Tour

Carerwatch, NHSGGC Care Support Workers, Speech and Language Therapists and Dementia Ambassadors pledge to make a difference.

It has been another busy few weeks for our “Make a Difference” campaign.  Tommy has been to visit Carerwatch teams in Livingston, NHSGGC Care Support Workers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow, Speech and Language Forums at Queen Margaret Hospital and Dementia Ambassadors in South Lanarkshire Council.

A big thanks to Kirsty Mann, Paula Smart, Nicola Scott and Helen McLean for the invites to each of the above events.  An extra thank you goes to all who attended and made a pledge to make a difference.

You can read all the pledges below, along with some photos from each event.

Thanks Team DCV 🙂






Carerwatch 15th April 2016

My pledge is to see past the medical condition, see the person and to never walk past.
Tracey Shaw

I pledge to continue to love and care. Respect and keep their love stories alive.
Julie Ann Boyd

I pledge to make my clients smile at least once a day and give them the best possible care I can.
Sharon Brankin

I pledge to make a new friends with someone who might think they don’t have one. There is someone for everyone.
Joyce Brown

I pledge to fulfil the best of my knowledge to care for the people I meet and care for.


NHS GGC Health Care Support Workers, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital 20th April 2016

To see the person, not a diagnosis.  To be a better carer for people with dementia and aim to have a better understanding in order to support and do my best for people at all times.
Linda McIntyre

I pledge to care for everyone I meet at work, home or outside thinking they are as my own mum, dad, children, or friends and relatives.
Kamani Kariyawasam

To see the person.
Lorraine Douglas

To continue to treat people as I would like to be treated, to minimise fear in an unfamiliar environment, to listen to the individual.
Iain Whyte

To listen and appreciate everyones individual stories and make every effort to support patients and carers.
Nicola Scott


Speech and Language event Musselburgh 22nd April 2016

I pledge to find out as much about the person’s life story as I can to use this to connect with them.
Anne Feist

I pledge to think about communication every time I am assessing a person with dementia for swallowing difficulties.


Dementia Ambassadors Event on 29th April 2016

My pledge is to remember that everyone has a story and to make a difference I will listen to that story. Joanna McGuire

I pledge to be kind to each and every person I have the privilege to work with. To show compassion and empathy to all in good times and bad and treat everyone as an individual.
Ruth Harris

I pledge to always go that extra mile, to always have time to know the person.
Hannah Vance

I pledge to always listen, take time find out individual’s stories and always work from my heart.
Jennifer Moyes

I pledge to make sure no matter how much time I have to take the time to find out what matters to people.  Nicola Ballantyne

I pledge to increase awareness to all staff when people with a diagnosis of dementia get admitted to hospital.  Elizabeth Kennedy

I pledge to always “see” the person living with dementia. To always “see” the carer too and to make a difference at least to someone every day.
Krystyna Johnston




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