Chapel house and University of Chester Pledge to make a difference


With great thanks to Cathrina Moore RMN RGN Admiral Nurse for  kindly inviting Tommy  to speak at the Chapel House Admiral Nurse launch and fundraiser on April 8th and for bringing him along to talk to Nursing Students on the same day.

The night was very inspiring and it was wonderful to see so many people coming together to give their support, and we look forward to following the Chapel House Dementia Resource Community pledge tree launched on the evening.


In the afternoon before the launch Catherina and Tommy popped over to speak to Nursing students at the University, and we’d like to give another massive thanks to all the students who took time to attend.


You can read the wonderful pledges below from the university and from the admiral Nurse launch


Chester University

To make a difference, however small, to the lives of those in my care. I will always try to go that extra mile and treat others how I would like to be treated

In intend to work hard to ensure I play as big a part I can in ensuring every love/life story that I am involved in is as romantic, fearless, long lasting and loving as possible- Emma Powell

 Although I am not training for a health care profession, I pledge to be more considerate and caring towards family, friends or anyone I can- Ryan Benson

I pledge to honour my nan Peggy by making sure I make a difference in the lives of dementia sufferers, by taking the time to hear their stories and what matters to them and caring for carers whose lives have been affected by dementia- Heidi Stewart

To make a difference. To get to know about the person before they got dementia. My father has dementia, everyone has a life before dementia-Elaine Large,

I pledge to go the extra mile to care and support patients and their families by listening and being a positive figure in their lives by being there when they need it- Rachel Douglas,

Help the older people in the community, even if it is just popping in to make sure they are ok. Lynsey

I pledge to always do this because I love what I do in whatever role and to always have part of my heart to give-Anna Parsons, 

I pledge to listen to everyones story whether that means finding it out from families. I pledge to try and make an influence at making care for individuals and families better- Victoria Henshaw,

To make the public more aware of learning disabilities with dementia

To give my time to anyone in need. No matter how long or short, to let them know they matter! Stacey McDuillan, 

I pledge to always see past an illness and see the person. I pledge to always listen to what matters to a person and to make a difference whenever I can-Amy Powell, 


To go above and beyond to ask about the needs, listen to their needs, and act upon their needs, to make a difference to the care I give and the people receive-Jade Charles,

I pledge to listen and show compassion not only to the person who has been diagnosed with dementia but also their family. Let them know they matter. I remember what it was like when my grandad had dementia. Treat people how you would like to be treated-Emma Ruscoe,

I will ensure that I will advocate for the people who suffers from dementia. I will educate people of what dementia is and what does it do to the people’s lives. I will pledge that I promote their awareness to all people to ensure that their voices would be heard. I will ensure that people with dementia will receive a patient centred care approach. I will also consider their feeling and their families, promote their dignity and respect at all times. To treat them as individuals-Sohelia Gree

To become more patient and understanding whilst caring for my mum, Rachel Furber,

To be more person-centred, kind and caring. Listen and do my best to make a difference-Kudirat Mustapha

I pledge to remember the person at the centre of their story and in caring for them, I pledge to nurture their story as it continues to grow.

To be the best I can be for myself and others. To listen, help and do whatever it takes to help keep up the spirit of others-always. Leanne Murray, 

 I pledge to always see the person behind a condition and to always advocate for & on behalf of my patients, their families & carers-Kate Wilson,

To be the person I want to meet, and to empower people to be the person they are and want to be-Melissa Townley, 




 I pledge to be a dementia friend in all my day to day activities-Nigel Jones, 

To keep fighting for better dementia care-Cathrina Moore,

 I pledge to make the children in my class/school more aware of dementia and services/ care available- Katie Davies

Support anybody involved with dementia care- Howard Jones,  

To care more without feeling guilty-Charmaine Tyrell, 

To gain more of an understanding of dementia to enable me to there with others-Error Tyrell,

I pledge to ask what is wrong if I think something is-Paula Bagby

To remember my wonderful Grandma, and care for all my patients as if they were this wonderful lady-Paula Sanders,

To be a better leader and to listen to people-Andy Griffiths,

I’m going to take time to listen-Louise Gittins

To try and educate people about dementia and dementia carers. Use my eyes and ears more, still use my mouth but think about my words more carefully.-Julie Sheen

To raise awareness among GP’s about the impact of dementia on suffers and carers-Marie McLoughlin, 

Balance my role. Develop my managerial role without compromising my care-Kim Griffiths, 


Thank you from all the team at DCV




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