Cumbria pledges to make a difference

With great thanks to Claire Watters Project Co-ordinator Clinical Skills Program, Toni Hall, Suzanne Beaty and everyone at NHS Cumbria for inviting Tommy to attend and speak at the Clinical Skills Celebration on April 14th .


Tommy was very honored to be invited and enjoyed meeting everyone on the day.

Read the inspiring pledges from day below:


I pledge the kindness and compassion of being with people is reflected in the discussions and decisions of my board.  To use stories about people to remind us what we are here doe/why we do our job, Sara Munro

To listen to hear, Suzanne Beaty

To act as an advocate and a person for the young people of Cumbria to talk to and to be listened to. To be a voice for the children & young people, Nichola

I want to be the nurse/carer who when I leave, patients and their families say “I am so glad I met you today”, Lynne Wyre

To keep patients central to everything I do and to remember that it is the little things which make a difference to patients/families

To support health and social care staff to have the most up to date evidence so they can provide the best care Sheila Marsh 

To inform anyone I can of the blog I support, network and the messages there.

To let everyone know what an impact Tommy’s speech had on me and to try to bring those thoughts into my training for nurses in the future. This made me reflect on my time as a nurse. Lisa Smith

I will try to put the sunshine back in your sky, Julie Boothman 

My pledge is to continue to share my own experience of seeing a loved one disappear and the ways my family and I found to keep the person we loved recognised through the dementia awareness workshops I deliver. ‘Seeing the person and not the dementia is key’ –Karen,  

I will never let being busy be an excuse- Kay Donnellon,

To treat each person and ensure they know they matter-Angela Reynolds

I will keep raising awareness of stories like yours (it was my story too)-The District Nurse and the Consultant really cared about Joan-Sue Gallagher, Cumbria CCG

 To go away and find out as much as possible about dementia to better care for the patients and their families on my case load-Phil Hunter

Improving the last few days of life for people with dementia-Bernard McGregor, Senior Lecturer

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