Call for stories! #wmty16

Leading up to, and on the June 6th 2016, Dementia Carer Voices are asking for people to share with their stories and photos with us:

What Matters To you ?

Who Matters To You ?

We are doing this as part of a national day on Social Media  #wmty16  led by Shaun Maher @Shaun4Maher  Strategic Advisor for Person-Centred Care and Improvement.

We are asking people to share stories on our blog and as case studies, videos, and podcasts. We’ll share these stories on a dedicated page on our website: 

James and Maureen McKillop have shared their story with us already. Read theirs now and find out what matters to them! 

So we’re asking you to get in touch to share your experience.  Stories from people Living with Dementia, Families and Carers on ‘what’ and ‘who’ matters to them.

Alliance Director Irene Oldfather said, “it is through the courage of people with dementia and their carers telling their stories, that things will change. I am hugely proud that people like James and Maureen are willing to share their story and be apart of DCV’s awareness raising campaign.”

You can share via email at

 or with us on social media at @DementiaCarerVo or using the #wmty16

 If you’re interested in taking part in a podcast please contact Ashleigh at
Or call at 0141 404 0233


Tommy on Tour at Lhead Hos CSH Surrey (2)

This Is about Flipping the Conversation

Away from asking  Whats the Matter With you to What Matters To you ? 

Away from asking Whats the Matter With you to Who Matters To You ?

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