Hampshire Hospital Trust pledges!

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Todays pledges come from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where Tommy gave 2 talks on 24th March 2016.

Massive thanks to Donna Green, Chief Nurse & Deputy Chief Executive Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for the kindly inviting Tommy to visit the trust, meeting and giving a talk to the new Clinical Matrons, Dementia Specialist Nurses.

This was followed by a tour by Rachel, Dementia Specialist Nurse to meet staff and finally a second talk open invitation to all staff, volunteers, commissioners, social care and patient groups.

You can read the inspiring pledges below1

Team DCV 🙂

I pledge to continue to care with compassion and empathy.

I pledge to treat everyone as an individual showing compassion and patients. Never letting lack of time stop me from showing the individual care they deserve listening and responding to both their and their carers needs.

I pledge to be that person who, when I walk away the relative/carer thinks I’m glad you`re here today. Please come back tomorrow.  Hannah Peach

I pledge to provide care based on kindness, compassion and dignity. Sue Hurst

I promise to find out every patient that is admitted to my wards love story. Jo

I pledge to bring this ethos into all work and teaching. To continue to take time out, hold the hand and be there for patients and their carer/families.  Help continue/support their love story. Phil Harper

I pledge to continue to empower our trust staff. To make a difference to dementia care.  To include Tommy/Joan Whitelaw love story into our dementia teaching within the trust. Rachel Layden

I pledge to touch, smile and take time to find out history, past and what makes the person happy. Natasha Bates

I pledge taking the time to support and care not for the patient but the carer and the families. No one should feel alone. Rio Wallace

I pledge to support families and promise to care for their loved ones with dementia the best way I can. Heather Scott

I pledge never to forget your very moving and rather brave talk. Thank you. J Ramsay

I will not see a patient as a number but as a person.

I pledge to make sure I will see a patient as a person and to find out what their life used to be like. Sharon

I pledge to take the time to listen and get to know any patients/people/speak to. Kelly Walters

I pledge to always listen to the person within, doing my best to understand and facilitate the person’s needs. I will do my best to care. Emilie Cannons

I pledge to care for everyone I meet in my life. To care is the most precious thing we can do. Joy Deadman

I pledge to keep the support the dementia volunteers deserve. Julie Foot

I pledge to continually always involve and listen to all patients/carers and my colleagues needs. Lorna Thomas

I pledge to take more time to get to know the person and their family. Acknowledge and learn from their experiences. Jean Hanningtan

I pledge to see beyond the chaos of the emergency department at the potentially scared patient and listen to their love story. Karen Bumslead

My pledge is to always take the time to listen to the story no matter how busy I am. Laura Osman

I pledge to always see the person and not their disease. I pledge to ask the question which make me understand what is important to them.  J Extance

I pledge to always see the person.

I pledge to always ensure I see people with dementia, as their own person, and to ensure my staff do the same at every opportunity. Carla Jacobs

I pledge to take the time to listen to the stories of the people I care for and those that care for them. Claire Eastick

Every nurse on CH will treat every patient including those suffering with dementia and their families with the dignity and respect they deserve. Ask questions and make them feel safe. Jane Minton

I pledge to show kindness to each and every person in a way in which each person can re live their story each day as if it’s the first day again. Sandy Lyford

I pledge to always make time for those that need it and ensure my team do the same. Elizabeth Green

I pledge to always remember how would the person feel about what you are doing with them? How would they have done it themselves?  Jenni Crow

I pledge to show kindness to all my patients and their carers. Trying to understand their “love stories” and make a difference. Stacy Hutchins

I pledge to treat everyone as an individual and listen. Katie Bolton

I pledge that as god loves us, I will love, cherish and compassionately care for and to listen to you in my capacity as a hospital matron for and if life care and a human being who values life above all else.  Maddy Thomson

I will look for the love story. Becky Hutchinson

I pledge to deliver care with kindness and compassion, the way I would treat my own family. Hayley Churches

I pledge to listen to people’s story and make them feel like “them” again.  Claire Smith

I pledge to be kind caring and listen to every patient, family member I look after.

I pledge that I will care for each individual as if they are my own. I will know the person, not the diagnosis. Laura Dyer

I pledge to look for the real person, real story and real life behind every patient I meet.

I pledge to see the person not the disease every time.  Sarah Deery

I pledge to continue being caring, compassionate, living my own values and treat my patients, their families and carers with ultimate respect and dignity. Frances Michael Fernando

My pledge is to always care and support the person and their family. To take time to learn about their loves and life.  Acknowledging dementia is a condition and not a person. Karen Millard

I pledge to making more time to listen to my patient and giving them the respect thet deserve. June Starbuck

I pledge to make sure all patients with a diagnosis of dementia have “this is me” booklet and that all staff on the ward are encouraged to read and use it and to listen to carers and ensure their voices are heard. Hermione Newman

I pledge to include dementia care in NF work plan to keep tailoring support and care for people with dementia to the individual. Derek

I Celine pledge her to look at these patients as a person. Care with love and compassion. Celine Siby

Dementia Link Nurse study day held a session on 19th Dec 2016 supporting the carers and as part of this they discussed Tommy Whitelaw’s experience with the team. The Link Nurses all made pledges on how they would like to make a difference. Below are there individual pledges –

I will ensure that all care staff on my ward are aware of the need to look after the carers – Jean Jenkins

Give reassurance and support to carers and make them realise they are not bad by asking for help – Mathew Oxenham

Acknowledge that the carers have been doing a sterling job and ask if there is anyway we can assist them – Jane

Sit and listen about the carers worries. offer a cup of tea and a chat – Emily

Offer a shoulder to cry on – Julie

Hand out carers leaflets with support networks when I hand this is me booklets out. I will also listen to carers worries. – June Starbuck

Patients and carers who need extra support I will refer to the Dementia Team, Dietician, SALT – Marina Gilbert-Khan

Give carers advice with how they could cope with the patients needs. I will give the support that patients and their carers need

Talk more to the relatives, when they arrive i have tended to stop talking to the patient and leave them to it. They might want to talk too – Dementia Volunteer

People with dementia needs equal or more support, compassion and empathy compare with those who have physical illness

To be kind and to listen more to carers

I promise to support families and involve them in all aspects of their loved ones care. I will be understanding in relation to everyday challenges and treat dementia patients with dignity and respect – Mandy Buck

Talk more to the relatives, when they arrive I have tended to stop talking to the patients and leave them to it – Dementia Volunteer

My personal pledge is to continue to teach about Tommy’s Mothers love story in 2017 – Rachel Hayden





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