Leadership Academy pledge to make a difference!

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16th March 2016 saw Dementia Carer Voices, Project Engagement Lead – Tommy Whitelaw attend The East Midlands Leadership Academy event and to speak before the evening dinner.

Thank you to Jackie Barringer and Dolores Anastasopoulou for arranging for Tommy to come and have the chance share our work.

Tommy was invited to speak about the project and his caring experience, giving people a chance to reflect back on the days activity’s.  Here are a few pledges we received below.  You can also follow the team on Twitter at

I pledge to speak to my organisation and invite Tommy or his team to come and deliver a session with our staff who deal with elderly service users. Mathew White

I pledge to always think about and ask people how they are and can I help. Donna Bradshaw

I pledge to use my influence and role modelling to improve/enhance awareness. Matt Worden

I pledge to pass your information to my husband’s family because dementia is affecting their lives.  Tracie Thomas

I pledge to help my organisation think more about the person we commission services for and their carers. Kelly Monck

My pledge is to maintain patient at the centre in all finance discussions. Paula Longden

Thanks – Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂



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