Bolton pledges to make a difference!

A massive thank you to Christopher Davidson Dementia Nurse Specialist at Bolton NHS Trust, and Jayne Hardicare, Senior Lecturer / Prog Lead Nursing /University of Bolton for inviting Tommy to come and speak at the University and at the Trust to staff, carers and families.

Tommy was also very honoured to speak at Bolton University alongside  his great friend Fiona Murphy, Assistant Director of nursing.

The day was very inspiring, meeting the nursing students and then the staff carers and families who attended the Trust Support group.

You can read the inspiring pledges and view some of the photos from the day below



I pledge to be the best nurse that I can and to constantly make a difference in people’s lives as well as listen and care for their needs as individuals to the best of my ability.

I pledge to be understanding and use my life experiences to help explain, be there and go that extra mile to make patients and family feel special because that is exactly what they are. Individual, comfortable, & happy.

Support, listen, care with kindness.  

I pledge to have courage and be kind every day. To be a shoulder or an ear to anyone who may need one.

I pledge to care for the patients who are vulnerable and scared. I want them to feel at ease and not along. If they’re uneasy I want to hold their hand and smile, tell them ‘you’re not alone’

I pledge to recognise when people are at their most vulnerable time and show them support care and love. I pledge to make someone’s worst day a better day.

I pledge to make a difference.

I would like to pledge and I enjoyed caring for the people who have dementia

Provide dignity and respect in care to each individual. To make time to talk to patients, relatives, and carers.

Always listen to those who are vulnerable. To look past the condition they have and see the individual themselves. To give them a voice, to show that they are important and to share a little love with them! To make people smile!!

Take the time for everyone, never walk past, to love, care & treat everyone I meet with dignity and respect more.

To do my best to make a difference to society. To do my best to help people. To take the time to get to know and understand someone.

Help others understand and see past illness and see everyone as they have always been, see a person.

I pledge to take a moment to find out what makes a person/family happy. I will take time to care and listen to everyone who walks into my life, or if I walk into theirs.

I will see you in your love, stay not to be known as defined by the illness.

Always listen to patients, and their families and carers and give care and support based solely on their needs, wishes and preferences.

Listen. To reassure an individual who might be feeling confused. To care, and have passion in everything that I do.

Be the nurse to help patients and carers value life more and each other through kind acts and words.

Help and support everyone or anyone who may need help. If there isn’t much I can help with I can be there for them and listen.

To always listen and to find out their stories

To be kind, to listen and to understand that nobody is challenging, only scared and unsure.

I pledge to care for the patient, the family and the team involved. To care the way I would want to be cared for!

I pledge to continue to smile, and listen often…make people’s voices heard!

I pledge to always help & care for people how I want to be treated & care for.

I pledge to follow up on some of the offer I have had to help people, since pledging to help people outside of work.

I pledge to ensure that every encounter that I have with a patient and family counts, every one every time.

I pledge to listen and care diligently. I will be patient’s advocate so help me God. Respect and protect. To make a difference in people’s life. Put a smile on patients’ faces.

I pledge to never let dementia define a person and to make a person remain dignified at all times, caring and empathetic.

I pledge to aim to make at least one person smile every day

I pledge to support my patients, my responsibility and care for them. They will be the centre of every aspect in my profession. Give them the choice to decide in their care with empathy, love and compassion. Their safety which is my priority. Try understand them, love my job above all.

To do my best in looking after patients, service users and families that I will come across as a student and in future as a nurse.

To bring happiness, hope, empathy and reassurance to everyone I care for. To treat each patient with dignity and respect and to recognise individuality.

I pledge to break the rules that do not exist.

To make a difference to those that need care, love and be able to transmit hope even sometimes when its hard to find a hope. I want to make it up to them

Treat all my patients fairly & with kindness irrespective of what they may be suffering from. To always go an extra mile for all patients so as to make them feel cared for and worth more than what they may think they are worth because what they may be suffering from does not define who they are. To embrace, pay attention and listen more. To fight for those who don’t have a voice and independence/ to all patients. To be the best nurse I can be and inspire others wanting to be nurses.

To always be kind.

To do my best in looking after patients, service users and families that I will come across as a student and in future as a nurse.

Thank you from all the team at DCV x

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