West Hertfordshire Hospitals pledge to make a difference!


With great thanks to Tracey Carter Chief Nurse & DIPC West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Maxine Mcvey deputy chief nurse and Rachael Corset, for the kindly inviting Tommy  to speak at the Trust’s  clinical leaders event.

The day was truly inspiring and we were so honoured to take part, and to see the launch of West Hertfordshire’s pledge trees, and meet everyone.











We are excited to watch the trees grow and follow staff on their pledge journeys.

Here are some of the pledges we received on the day:

I pledge to make the patient experience everyone`s responsibility.

I plan to help change public opinion towards “dementia”.

I pledge to do my best.

I pledge to try provide the best possible care. Rebecca Jeggo

My pledge is to knowing the person, Inspire, never walk by and dedication. Andrea Hone

As a student nurse and eventually registered nurse, I pledge to treat people within my care the same as I treated my Nan and Mum when they needed care.  Jodie Hall

I pledge to make them feel respected and bring a smile to their face. Parmila Gurung

I pledge to care for my patients to the best of my ability. Jennifer Bukola

I pledge to understand my patient’s needs. Meet their needs within my best ability. Lina Gurung

I pledge to care for my patients to the best of my ability and to remember to care holistically and put a smile on their face. Ribeka Rai

I pledge to treat my patients as individuals and also to treat them with respect and dignity. Jamuna Gurung

I pledge to know my patients and their pasts. Nicola Powell

I pledge to enable my patient’s to smile again.  April Derrick

I pledge to listen, hold more hands and sing if I have to make a patient smile and feel special.  Tina

I pledge to listen more carefully and take more time. Claire

I pledge to know my patient.

I pledge to get to know my patient and about their lives rather than defining them by their illness. Rosie

I pledge to make a difference every day. Sarah

I pledge to treat others how I want to be treated.

I pledge to treat every patient and relative/friends as if they were my own relative and deliver all the standards of care to them that I would do to my own family.

I pledge to improve myself to be able to provide my patients good quality of care. Lorena

I pledge to take care of my patients and provide the best care and communication to them and their families.  Angela Lorenzo Brad

I pledge to know what matters to my patients.

I pledge to listen to my patients and their carers to also attend staff learning sessions when the trust organisers training opportunities. Lignan Gaw

I pledge to volunteer to work with dementia patients.

I pledge to give the best quality care and to treat the patients with the maximum respect, dignity and compassion. Maria

I pledge to listen to the patients and their families and remember they have stories to tell. To make a difference to their lives. Debbie Green

My pledge is taking time to find out everything about the love story of the people I care for.

I pledge to take time to listen to the patient and understand their needs.  Michelle

I pledge to make each patient feel welcomed, comforted and reassured to deliver best quality care for everyone.  Amy Hagan

I pledge to always have time to listen each person. Both carers and patients.  Be loving, kind and always wear a smile as I introduce myself.  Mable

I pledge to make every patient I encounter feel safe and comforted, along with their family and carers. Louise Bradburn

I pledge to treat every single patient the way I would want to be treated myself.  Monica

I pledge to treat each patient as if they are a close personal family member.  Karen Wareham

I pledge to be patient, calm and not rush. Marisa Ruppersburg

I pledge to ensure no-one feels alone, and to make a positive impact to both patient and family. Ashleigh Robson

I pledge to listen and support cares, family members and friends so I can give the best care. Amy Newton

I pledge to make as much time as possible, however small and to make someone smile every day. Emma Woodward

I pledge to make time to listen and make time to talk. Respect everyone with dignity.  Meet and greet.  Kavita Sataram

I pledge to treat each and every patient and family I care for as an individual with individual needs by listening, caring and empathising. Val McIndoe

I pledge to take time to listen, support the carer has they are a very valuable resource.  Jacqueline Lockett.

Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂













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