Hairmyers Hospital create their own pledge tree!



Big thanks to Mairi-Louise Houldsworth, STAG Local Co-ordinator from Hairmyres Hospital for kindly arranging and inviting Tommy to give 3 talks at the Hairmyers hospital on 9th March.


The day was truly inspiring and Mairi-Louise will be designing a pledge tree for all the pledges that were made on the day, and continue to collect pledges leading up to dementia awareness week.





Thank you to Mairi-Louise and all at the hospital for the kindness, passion, and pledges which you can see in the pictures.


See below the inspiring pledges sent to us by Mairi-Louise:

Listen more and be more understanding and patient.

I pledge to continue to listen with open ears to help and support each patient as an individual and also help their families.

To treat the person as an individual and not an illness.

I will make time each month to visit my 2 friends who are looking after their Mums with dementia.

I pledge to continue to provide a listening ear to carers and encourage my colleagues to do the same.

To always make my care for those with dementia and their carers person centred.

I pledge to always listen to my patients and their family or carers. I pledge to help where I can or find people or information who can help if I can’t.

To take the time to listen to my patients story and speak with family members so I can provide the best possible care for my patient.

To listen, to learn, to comfort, to help others do the same.

I pledge to support all staff to make a difference to our patient’s lives and to support our patient’s carers not to feel alone.

The reason I became a nurse was to care for people and make a difference. I want to take time to listen to people, continue to smile and spend time with people as they need.

To always be kind to others and listen with patience.

To make the time to “hear” peoples voices at home and at work.

To remember why I became a nurse. To take time to make sure my patients know they’re loved and cared for.

To listen to my patients and their carers and find out what they want and need, not what I think they need.

I pledge to listen to and to ask my patients and their carers stories.

To see the person or persons behind the illness and to do my best to care.

Is to remember that every individual has their own story and family. Always remember to ask what I can do to help. Tell carers what a good job they do.

I pledge to always listen to my patients, to always hear their story, to always help.

To look past the illness and see the patient as who they are & involve families and relatives in their care.

To always take the time to listen to both the person & the carer. As well as reaching beyond the illness and understanding the person as who they are.

To listen, to be a voice for individuals & carers, to care.

Continue as I have done through my nurse training to listen and engage with the patients and families. Continue to see the patient as a person. And to help the nurses remember why they do the job they do and how good it is to be a nurse.

Is to ensure all patients continue to be treated with dignity and respect. And I will continue to be the patient’s advocate and their voice during their time of need.

I pledge to take the time to listen to every person & to make them feel they are safe & to know they are never alone, EVER.

To make the effort to get to know patients and carers of those with dementia to enable me to assess and treat them appropriately.

Is to complete my nurse training, be the best I can be and make people smile.

To continue to treat patients with the respect and dignity they deserve.

To listen to peoples stories and try to make them feel happy with the care I give.

I pledge to listen and include carers in decision making and planning for my patients.

To take more time and listen to patients.

Is to make a difference every day, to keep the life story going.

Is to try to listen to patients and their carers and give them the power to cope with the trials of dementia.

I pledge to learn more about my patients lives as well as health issues.


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2 comments on “Hairmyers Hospital create their own pledge tree!
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  2. […] launch of the tree was inspired by our ‘You Can Make a Difference Campaign’ where Project Engagement Lead Tommy Whitelaw had spoken to staff previously about his experiences of car….  We’d like to thank Mairi-Louise Houldsworth, STAG Local Co-ordinator at Hairmyres Hospital […]

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