Cornwall Pledges to make a difference!

Cornwall welcomed Project Engagement Lead Tommy Whitelaw to share his experiences with members of the public and to staff across all organisations on Monday 14th March at a special event held at the Innovation and Wellbeing Centre in Truro

The event was very well attended and contained talks and presentations from Sue Greenwood Peninsula Community Health Dementia Lead and Frazer Underwood Royal Cornwall Hospital Associate Director of Nursing


Tommy spoke for over an hour and a half about his personal experiences caring for his mum Joan


The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and as a result all of the attendees made a personal pledge to make a difference to the lives of people and their carers and families living with Dementia

Sue Greenwood Modern Matron and Dementia Lead at Peninsula Community Health said “It was a delight to welcome Tommy to Cornwall, he shared with us his story about his mum Joan and championed the needs of carers. It’s always a privilege to be able to share and listen to very touching and courageous stories of carers, they are very personal and it reminds me of why I wanted to become a nurse”

You can read the inspiring pledges from the day below!


To take time to listen to each and every person who needs a listening ear-Rachel Creed,

I pledge to listen

To help everyone understand the ‘vital’ role of the carer and to give them the support they need-Naomi Campbell

To have valid, up to date knowledge of help and services available to signpost people to appropriate help quickly. It’s not ok to say ‘I don’t know!’ -Claire Cutlan

To listen to the older people I support. Both people with dementia and their carers, and help them achieve their goals and dreams-Rara Hagon

To always care to the best of my ability for the individual patient/carer/relative/person. To get to know people I meet or care for and treat them with dignity-Julie Smith

To continue being a voice for my mother who sadly passed away in 2008-Teresa Parsons

To do my very best to make a difference and help the people I meet and to care and be a person who gets things done to help-Claire Brown

To continue to champion simple changes, care, and compassion. Listening to everyone’s love story-Sue Greenwood

To take the time to listen and try to understand the individual and their needs-Sandra Sly

Continue to help with the memory café in our village-Running for one year now and growing in numbers, and guests love coming and form friends and support networks-Annabel Dunn

To continue to be kind, to involve families more, to be more open to new ideas, to find how what matters to spend more time with my patient and their families.-Elen O’Surllivan, 

I will build closer relationships with carers of people with dementia by listening to them and offer information on support available if/as they need it-Teresa Moran

I pledge to listen to not only listen and care for the person who is living with dementia, but also to recognise and listen to the carer who is also living with that person’s dementia-Trudie Wakefield

To treat everyone holistically and with the respect they deserve-Karen Johnson

My pledge is to listen at all time-Suzanne Underwood

Support and respect the individual and involve all the other careers and family with the person’s care, and to listen and try to direct them in the right direction-Karl Winchester, 

Not to stop keeping my heart open not matter what. Keep listening and smiling and hold your hand-Wendy Burnett

Continue to drive forward the education and awareness needed for staff to have greater understanding and responsiveness to the needs of the person with dementia and their carer-Clare Swettenham

I am going to personalise my mum’s room in her new nursing home so that her carers know something about her-Mark Richards

I pledge to make my grandma proud. And to treat all the patients that I come across daily like and know the carers look after my grandma. I am so proud of my family especially my grandad who shared a wonderful 58 year marriage-Rebecca Pearce

Ensure I always raise awareness of dementia and give person centred care to all people I work with-Donna Mullikin

To continue sharing awareness and stories and to keep learning-Carly, Trainer

To keep learning and listening and sharing to make a difference-Indra Herbert

I pledge-I will not rush you, I will listen to you, I will give you time, because you matter and I care!- Imtiaz Begum

Here are also pledges that people have made online:

@tommyNtour @DeirdreFowler13 @FensonSue pledges from students  #dementia @Sawtryva I would listen to them talk to them let them know I care



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