Dementia Support available from Ayrshire Libraries

This week’s guest blog comes from Alison McAllister and details support available for people with dementia at Ayrshire Libraries. It’s great to read about this project and that support can be found locally throughout Ayrshire!

Dementia Support available from Ayrshire Libraries

Libraries in North and South Ayrshire and East Ayrshire Leisure have been involved in a Scottish Government Public Library Improvement Fund initiative to promote health and wellbeing resources in local libraries to health and social care professionals and the wider community. The third phase of this project has focused on supporting those with dementia. We have worked with local dementia support and respite units and Alzheimer Scotland as well as other library colleagues from around Scotland to develop the following supports:

  • Providing the Dementia Books on Prescription collection, including Pictures to Share, and to purchase additional resources to augment library collections, making them free to request in person or via library catalogues.


  • Reviewing library and museum resources with a view to supporting dementia, including local and family history collections.


  • Promoting these resources to Health and Social Care Partnerships, nursing homes and networks within their authority and participating in local/national events to raise profile of libraries’ support for those with dementia.


  • Signposting customers to relevant information for local dementia support.


  • Seeking training opportunities for staff to support those with dementia with Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Friends training as standard.


  • Allowing access to relevant websites for library customers using the People’s Network Computers.


  • When refurbishing or adapting library spaces adopt a dementia-friendly design and signage e.g. dementia friendly toilet signs.


  • Learning from good practice from other library authorities and dementia networks.


For more information about this project, please contact Alison McAllister .



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