Papworth Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference!

IMG_2251Papworth Pledges

Thanks to Teresa Stephens, Executive Assistant to Director of Nursing, Josie Rudman, Director of Nursing, Maura Screaton, Deputy Director of Nursing and Matron Anne White, Members of the Patient Experience Group Papworth Hospital for inviting Dementia Carer Voices Tommy Whitelaw  to speak at the hospitals new Dementia Strategy Launch on Monday 22nd February.

It is with great honour that we display the pledges made on the day.  We have them below with a few that we received from BHR University Hospitals and Twitter.

Thank you

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


I pledge to always take the time to find out about my patient and treat them as an individual – Not just my patient.

I pledge to stop for a minute and get to know your patient. Treat everyone individually.

I pledge to provide personalised care and or therapy for every patient.

I pledge to show kindness to those I care for/love.

I pledge to take time to listen to my patients, family and community – Bridget Humphreys

I pledge to always value the individual as an individual, and always with kindness and empathy – Julie Philips

I pledge to always look for the person behind the illness – Celia Hyde

I will never walk past, I will always hold your hand, your voice, your hope, your heart – Kay Swords

I pledge to always care with kindness and compassion – Philippa Clark

I pledge to look beyond a person with dementia and find out the person who has been taking over by dementia – Mavis Kumi

I pledge to give my time and listen to patients more – Doreen Pullen

My pledge is to promote dementia awareness around my unit and to educate my colleagues – Sheila Zein

I pledge to not only care for the individuals who are in my care as student nurse, but for their family, friends and others who with my support can fulfil and live the lives they deserve – Mark

I pledge to give dignity and respect to each person that is put in my care – Julie Southon

I pledge to listen harder to the patients I care for – Netta Tyler

I pledge to always try and find the person behind the condition – Gill Francis

I pledge to stop and listen. Never forget the person behind the dementia or judge the carer.  I must use all my strengths to help my mother-in-law care for my father-in-law with dementia – Marie Gilhooly

I pledge to take time to listen to the stories of the people I lead and care for – Matthew Hopkins

I pledge to find out more about my patients lives.

I pledge to continue to treat the people I meet as individuals and not as a “condition” – Sarah Wombell






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