University of Cumbria Pledge to Make a Difference!



Happy Friday Everyone 🙂

Todays pledges come from the University of Cumbria.  Big thanks to Louise Corless, Senior Lecturer of Mental Health Nursing Department at University of Cumbria for the inviting us to take part In the University Dementia Awareness Day Conference at the University on February 10th.

Tommy was very honored to speak and we are proud to share the inspiring pledges from the students below:

I pledge to care and support through their journey.

I pledge to make sure any patient, family, friends, carers can always ask for help. To make awareness of dementia and reassure them.  Don’t let them be scared or lonely – Charlotte Gore

I pledge to take time to find the persons history. To always remember the person behind the dementia.  To see the person first – Danielle Croft

I promise to always ensure individuals and families affected by dementia are supported, reassured and approached sensitively and compassionately by myself – Hannah Marsh

I pledge to always find that extra minute to hold a hand or wait and listen to make sure someone feels safe and comforted – Stephanie Doran

My pledge is to always be that nurse that takes the time to get to know the person and make a difference – Kirsty McIntosh

I pledge to remember to care, be compassionate, not to become de-sensitised and remember Tommy, his mum Joan and the day I heard him speak on 10/02/16 – Jan Westerell

I pledge to serve and protect those who are vulnerable. To be kind and useful to those that need my help, whether they know they need it or not – James Fisher

I pledge to take more time to find out more and ask more questions about somebody’s life for somebody who has dementia – Emily Tucker

My pledge is to make sure, take time to meet the needs of every individual I will meet. I will always let people know how much I love my job and that everything I do is for the benefit of others – Georgina

I pledge to treat each patient and parent as an individual and take time to get to know them – Sophie Carr

I pledge to always care about the person and to never understand – Michael

My pledge is to always wear a smile and greet patients, families and cares with a warm and welcoming approach and always offer a listening ear – Daisy Hampton

I pledge to listen ad make time for my patients and their carers. Treating them how I would like my family members to be cared for – Kirsty Rowell

I pledge to treat everyone as an individual and promote individually and care for the person – Hannah James

I pledge to always take the time to listen – Kate Sutton

I pledge to always treat everyone as an individual regardless of a diagnosis of dementia or not – Sam Freeman

My pledge is to make a difference to every patient. To see them as a person, a mother, sister, daughter, to see them as I would wish to be seen – Paula

I pledge to see people for how they are not by their condition – Abbi Gray

I pledge to continue to be interred in the person and their history, lifestyle and interests among other things – Amy Parker

I pledge to remember my grandma who I lost in 2015, the impact she had on my life and the importance to all parts of my life – Lucy Billington

I pledge to have an inch of passion as what Tommy has and to be there for people like Tommy and his mum, Joan – Kirsty Docherty

I pledge to act in a person centred capacity when working with any individual. To put their best interests as well as hopes and wishes first – Luke Calverley

I pledge to do my best to always be there for people I care for with dementia and to always treat them for who they are rather than as just someone with dementia – Holly Barnard

I pledge to always take the time to know the person, and maintain their wishes as the priority in the care I provide – Debra Hilton

I pledge to always be “that” Nurse – Kelly Lister

My pledge is to give hope and care for an individual so that they are left with feeling “this person cares” – Outi Rudd

I pledge to always care and never leave a patient until I know I have done all I can. I pledge to care for my Grandad and remind him every day that he is safe and loved.  I will always treat everyone like I do Grandad Bob – Charlotte

I pledge to remember your passion and take it everywhere with me – Paul Thomason

I pledge to never walk on by, to always care and be the nurse I dream to be always remembering why I want to be that nurse – Kerrianne Stephenson

I pledge to become a caring nurse when the patient comes first, all day, every day – Lauren Stewart

I pledge that I will continue to make people aware what dementia is and what it take to make someone happy in the community I live in – Sophie Sullivan

I pledge to hold every person within my care with high importance ensuring all needs are met to the best of my ability. I will always ensure I always maintain my positive and caring attitude whilst carrying out a role I feel so strongly for – Chloe

I make a pledge to care unconditionally, being a nurse or a carer my love for people will never change – Daisy

I pledge that I will be the nurse that try’s the best with every individual I meet and bring a smile to those who didn’t know they could – Hannah



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