Making a Difference at CSH Surrey

CSH Surrey is a Community Health Service for adults, children and their families. Providing NHS community nursing & therapy services since 2006.  To find out more visit their website here and follow them on Twitter at @CSHSurrey

Project Engagement Lead, Tommy was invited to give 4 talks on the 3rd of February across Surrey at Leatherhead Community Hospital, Dorking Community Hospital, Molesey Hospital and NEECH (New Epsom and Ewell Community Hospital).

image2 Tommy with nurses and therapists, CSH Surrey

Tommy on Tour at Leatherhead Hospital CSH Surrey Tommy on Tour at Lhead Hos CSH Surrey (2) Tommy on Tour at Lhead Hos CSH Surrey (3) Tommy on Tour at LHead Hos CSH Surrey

Thank you to Karen Masetti, Head of Quality and Nursing at CSH Surrey for the inviting Dementia Carer Voices to share Tommy`s story and information on the project.  Tommy had a wonderful day meeting all the teams from across Surrey.

You can now read some articles from the local press:

Check out all the inspiring pledges below:

I pledge to start all my assessments with what matters and who matters to you.

I pledge to make time to listen to peoples stories.

I pledge to look past the medical diagnosis and see the person – Hannah

I pledge to ask and to listen – Jamie Bowbrick

I pledge to continue to treat the person, not the patient! – Steph Pearce

I pledge to find 1 new thing about each patient that I didn’t know before – Rebecca Kershaw

My pledge is to be kind and take the time to listen – Krissy

I pledge to listen to what matters to people and advocate for those that cannot advocate for themselves – Ann Tuohy

I pledge to take more time to assess/understand the needs of my client’s carers and family, not just my client – Vicky Kershaw

I pledge to always be empathetic to patients and their families, to reach at personal level, never task level – June Ewart

I pledge to ensure that I learn my patient’s story and listen and give the time to carers at all times – Jane Stapleton

I pledge to listen to patients and cares and think about what I can do to make a difference to their lives – Nicki Godley

I pledge to find out more about my patients and their cares, about who they are as people and what makes them them – Tiffany Clark

I pledge to always ask my patients and their cares a few questions about their life – Anna Sprigings

I pledge to try and ensure I give those patients who need more time the extra time they require – Andrew Browwe

I pledge to make a difference by listening to someone’s story, fears and future wishes – Kelly-Ann Allen

I pledge to continue to make people laugh and smile, and meet the amazing I meet day to day, and make a change – Aby Edwards

I pledge to take the time to listen – Christie Norrie

I pledge to always consider my patients as a whole and to consider those helping around them – Ruth Anderson

I pledge I will never call someone the man with dementia or the woman with dementia. I will use their name and treat them with respect – Dawn

I pledge to see my patients as who they are, not their diagnosis – Micah

I pledge to see past the condition my patient has come to see me for and see them as the personality they are – Amy Yates

I pledge to always remember the person who is at the centre of the care I provide and to use my role in the quality team to ensure that not only to we encourage co-owners to remember “no decision about me without me” but to remember to ask who “me” is and what that means – Hayley Tussler

I pledge to always ask patients and cares about what makes them happy – Philippa Head

I pledge to take time to listen and to care – Karen Green

I pledge to ask “What matters to you” every day – Claire Jones

I pledge to see every patient as an individual with different life stories which should not be impacted on by their diagnosis – Zoe Stapleton

I pledge to listen to people’s life stories more than I already do – Lisa Coleman

I pledge to make sure my time with a patient is dedicated to them and them alone – Nikki Barilli

I pledge to treat you as an individual and help you live your life. To listen, and take time to understand – Lisa

I pledge to reflect and take more time with patients and colleagues – Joanna Foster

I pledge to give time to show kindness – Theresa Hooton

I pledge to spend enough time with patients to talk if they need it – Coral Dowdeswell

I work with young carers – Some of which look after family members with dementia. To give a understanding to my colleagues and to listen – Hazel Croft

I can make a difference to my patient’s life at Molesey Hospital by being understanding, kind, compassionate and also to the family and carer – Delia Flannigan

I pledge to take time to listen – Angela Evans

We will leave no stone unturned to spread Tommy`s message across all of Surrey Commissioners and Surrey Providers – Debbie Hastings

I pledge to continue communication with clients and family and be open to their concerns – Johana

I pledge to make every person matter, every visit count and every word supportive. To care for people with every ounce of my soul.  To make a difference one visit at a time – Cath

I am going to treat everyone I meet exactly how I would want my grandad to be treated – Emma Elliott

I pledge to take one action to make a patients stay more comfortable – Josie

I pledge to find out what and who matters to my patients – Pip Bolding

I pledge to always consider what does it mean to you – that I have to do this for you. To treat every person as an individual and find out what and who matters to them – Tessa Berry

I pledge to remember the passion in Tommy`s story/Presentation – Mike King

I pledge to take time to listen – Pauline Fuller



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