Pledges from January 2016!

Image-1Last week was another busy week for our project and ‘You Can Make a Difference’ campaign.  Speaking at conferences across the country, our Project Engagement Lead Tommy was invited to speak at the HFMA South Central Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, Annual Budget Conference Devon and the Understanding and Acting On Patient Experience Conference in London

We were very honored to be invited and met many inspiring people along the way, thank you to all for the invites and inspiring pledges below

I pledge to continue to support my family and the fantastic nursing home that look after my grandad who has vascular dementia.  We raise money each year to enable all the residents to have additional items, support, treats that the NHS and social services do not provide.  Enhances their time in the home – Nicky Gehling

In memory of my Nan, who suffered for a number of years with vascular dementia. I pledge to keep the importance of understanding and supporting those with dementia.  In my work to that monies targeted dementia are used effectively.  Carers are wonderful and vital they must be supported.  I will also keep my wish to be involved in a dementia organisation as a non-executive or other role – Pam Hobbs

I pledge to remember my grandmother who I lost in 1997 the impact she had on my life and the importance to all parts of my life – Steven Sollitt

I pledge I will do everything I can to raise the profile of carers (for my mum) – Michael Kellagher

I pledge to do something.  Anything I don’t know what but I will be that difference to someone – Kirsty Williams

I promise to always remember those who care for, to make decisions with them and not about them.  I will remember Joan Whitelaw, a special lady who will change people’s lives through her loving son –Carol Ogilvie

I pledge to see the person behind every diagnosis, handover sheet and medical history because that is who they truly are.

I pledge to keep my eyes open to how my words and actions can affect people in a positive/negative way everyday – Jade Corbishley

I pledge to ask more questions and learn more about each individual –Natalie Lovatt

My pledge is to keep listening – Carly Williams

 To extend evidence based psychological therapies to the dementia carers and people with dementia for treatment of anxiety and depression – Neil Richardson

I pledge to keep the love story going- Nikki Hobbs

To keep the patient at the heart of everything I do- Olive

To listen, to be kind, to recognise crisis, to help in some way however small- Caroline Foley

To share Joan Whitelaw’s love story and encourage others to find out what matters. I also pledge to support You Can Make a Difference-Tracey Corner

To challenge the label of ‘challenging’-people aren’t challenging, their situations and experiences are- Tessa

To carry on Joan & Tommy’s love story through my work- Kerry Harrison

To re-evaluate my position/role from today and work differently-Lisa Martin

To support and care for dementia patients and their caregivers through research for better quality of life and quality of care-Abebaw Yohannes

I will ensure that the students I teach know that the patient and their families must be at the centre of every interaction. Kindness and communication is key- Linda Garoutt

As a manager of a dementia care home I pledge to enable families to enjoy the time they have left with their relative by taking away the stress of caring for them- Rosaleen Charles

To campaign with people who have dementia and their carers for their rights to a good life- Sally Ferris

I pledge to have the patience and creativity to keep my friends laughing, smiling, singing, dancing and as happy as possible! –Anne de Rouffignac


Here are some pledges we’ve also received online:


Tracey Corner

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  1. […] Tommy had the great privilege to speak at the University at the end of 2015 and have been invited back to speak to all the nursing students over 3 talks.  You can read the pledges from that visit here.  […]

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