Musgrove Park Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

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Tuesday 19th January 2016 saw Tommy having the great honor to speak to staff at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset.

Thank you to Hayley Peters, Executive Director of Patient Care and Phil Shelley, Hotel Services Manager.  This invite came after Tommy met Phil when speaking at the Hospital Caterers Association Forum earlier in 2015.

Massive thanks to Andrea Bohun, Dementia & Frailty Projects Support Officer and The Dementia Team at Musgrove Park Hospital for arranging the inspiring day.

Tommy spoke about his experiences as a carer for his mother, the campaign and inspired everyone to make a pledge to make a difference to their patients living with dementia.

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Left to right: Andrea Bohun, Dementia Project Support Officer;  Sam Barrell, Chief Executive, Hayley Peters, Director of Patient Care; Karen Holden, Dementia & Frailty Projects Lead and Tommy Whitlaw, Project Engagement Lead for Dementia Carer Voices.

Musgrove Park Hospital were so inspired by Tommy`s story and the work of the project that they have put up pledge tress around the hospital as a reminder that they can make a difference to the lives of the people they care for and also showing the great work they do.

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Below is pledges we received on our pledge cards from the day.  Grab a cup of tea and have a read!

I pledge to carry on thinking of others and to find empathy think about what they must be feeling – Amanda Hall

I pledge to support, hold hands, wipe away tears; learn about the person and their families. Never let/allow anyone to think they are alone.  Do what I can to make life easy and never let you down.  Always be there – Amanda Scott

I pledge to take the time to recognise when people need to be given more time, support, love & kindness – Amy Stanley

I pledge not to expect carers and patients to accept and have to navigate through the failings in the healthcare system which I will try to help change/improve.

I pledge to ensure the people I care for can preserve their identity for as long as possible and that each and every person I care for gets the empathy and kindness I would want for my family.

I pledge to ask how I can help.

I pledge to gain more knowledge and understanding on people’s backgrounds and life stories – Callum jones

I pledge to continue to listen and to speak to our patients as human beings and an individual not just as a number or just another patients – Charmaine Griffiths

I pledge to always listen to the person and remember who they really are; not just an illness – Charmaine stone

I pledge to walk with you, smile with you, listen and always care – Chloe Sandercock

I pledge to hold the hand of those with dementia and those who care – Christine brewer

I pledge to make a difference in someone’s life, being the right person at the right moment and offer my support and compassion in their healing pathway – Cristina Mateescu

I pledge to look into your eyes and see the person you were. Try and take away the feeling of being scared; allow you to smile again and see your husband, wife, son, and daughter smile with you – Debbie sage

I pledge to never to lose sight, to take time with each patient and learn their story and to REALLY make a difference – Emma Wilreid

I pledge to remember the importance of not only the needs of the patient with dementia, but also their carers – Giuseppe Porfido

I pledge to listen to patient’s needs. Take care about then and ask about their family – to do what is in the best interest for them all – Irene Romiti

I pledge to take time to listen and understand the “person”.

I pledge to listen and ask what matters to you – Jessica Hands

I pledge to always listen to anybody that wants to talk to me and care about what they say – Jodie Perrin

I pledge to gain knowledge on how I could help to support friends or family with regards to dementia – John Simon

I pledge to listen, education, improve – Jon Smith

My pledge is to listen and share the stories I hear about through my work that help people understand more about dementia and being a carer – Jonathan Yelland

I pledge to listen – but not just to listen but to hear – Julie Salisbury

I pledge to give support and empathy to carers. Provide information and refer on to other services when needed.

I pledge to listen, make more time. Don’t forget that the patient is a person – Katy Ratcliffe

I pledge to go the extra mild with every patient I meet or speak to on the phone; everyone is entitled to a voice – I think it’s so important we listen to it – Kelly Fearn

I pledge to listen and find out about the individuals I care for and their families and carers – Kirsti Adams

I pledge to complete my nursing degree and fulfil the promise I made to my late Nan who had dementia, which was to care and be kind to everyone I meet – Laura Selwood

I pledge to play my role here at MPH in making the best environment for patients and their carers and families affected by dementia – Lisa Harty

I pledge to treat everyone as an individual and not a number. Listen to what people need and not what I think they need – Lisa Moore

I pledge to always ask the questions that will let me understand who you are and how I can help and respect you – Lisbeth Dean

I pledge to be aware of people who are a carer or are affected by dementia and try to help them in any way.

I pledge to love, honour and treat people with kindness and compassion in the same way I would for the people I love – Luan Kmita

I pledge to care for all in work and out of work.

I pledge to make a difference by pursuing a holistic approach in nursing, seeing a person and not a disease or a medical condition – Mbemba Jawneh

I pledge to take time to listen to each and every one of my patient’s stories, even when it feels like there is no spare time in the day – Mel pinner

I pledge to make a difference when and where possible – Mike Ware

My pledge is to continue to support people affected by dementia – Nicole Flatts

My pledge is to always remember how scared our patients and carers are when they come into hospital. Inspire others to be the same, new staff, and be a good role model – Pippa Richards

I pledge to take more time and to listen to my family and be more understanding.

I pledge to treat those around me with kindness and respect. Take the time to listen to people’s stories. Make a difference in any way I can – Rachel vile

I pledge to always ask about them as a person; past experiences, happy and sad moments, family and hobbies – Rebecca Thomas

I pledge to pursue an attitude that reflects the understanding that the way I communicate and behave towards those affected by dementia really does make a difference to their lives – Samuel Ricca

I pledge to do the best I can for every patient I meet. Remembering key elements; dignity and respect.  To sympathise where there is fear.

I pledge at work to get the “This is Me” document completed. At home visit my ex-neighbour with dementia more often – Staff Nurse Bedley

I pledge to find out more about the stories of the people I meet – Steven power

I pledge to take the time to get to know the person that I see on the ward – Sue Chattell

I pledge to always make sure that I can do everything possible to ensure everyone under my care feels safe – Tom Nunn

I pledge to encourage person centred conversations – discovering what matters and who matters in a kind and understanding way – Viv Henderson

I pledge to always be kind, human and have an understanding ear and always think about how my patients feels – Wendy Male


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