First pledges of 2016 come from UCLAN and Shropshire!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We have had a busy start to 2016 with 3 talks, firstly at the University Central Lancashire with great thanks to Eve Potts for the invite and to Paul Jebb from NHS England who came along to take the second session with Tommy and all the 3rd year students who attended.


We then had two talks in Shropshire with Tommy, firstly speaking at Shropshire Partners in Care (SPIC) with thanks to Nicky Jacques, Interim Chief Officer, followed by a talk at a staff training day at Telford Princes Royal Hospital with thanks to Jules Lewis and Tracy Starling.

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@julesLewis Me & Ffion have had lots of fun doing our pledge tree Tommy @tommyNtour @sathNHS #makingadifference #dementia 😊👍👏

Thank you to all who attended our first Make a Difference events of 2016

Thank you from team DCV 🙂

You can read below the inspiring pledges from the 3 events below:


I believe the carer desires hope, I aim as a nurse to give them hope. I believe the person suffering from dementia desires a meaning to their life.  I want to provide it – Jim Wilcock

I pledge to always be kind and listen – Lisa Gardner

I pledge to be brave enough to challenge the “red tape” to ensure the people I care for have access to the help and support that they need to continue to live well – Alyson Denwood

I pledge to work in the field of dementia care when I qualify as a mental health nurse. I pledge to always see the person before diagnosis and help to support the individual and their family with the aid of life story work/reminiscence – Kayleigh Ball

I pledge to dedicate my nursing career to supporting people living with dementia and their families, to make a difference to their lives and to raise awareness of dementia and the people if affects – Lizzie Fitch

I pledge to never let a person or their cares who live with dementia never feel alone and always remember why I wanted to support people living with dementia this being person centred care – Lisa Hough



I pledge never to forget Tommy and Joan Whitelaw’s love story and how it made me feel listening to Tommy’s experience as a son & carer.  To always find out about what’s important to the person, the importance of kindness, every person, every time – Jules Lewis

I pledge to put together a training package/programme for the cares I work with on dementia and remembering the person – Claire Wilding

I pledge to go home tonight and contact the people I used to work with who are carers for their loved ones who I have begun to lose contact with since I changed jobs – Claire Wilding

I pledge to always listen and to always act – Laura Conway

I pledge to continue to spread the work of dementia friends, offer service users comfort and support in the care we deliver, work towards achieving my goal by make the village I live in dementia friendly – Wendy Beesley

I pledge either in my work role or my private life I pledge to listen and give time – Michaela Hill

I pledge to keep the memories I have of my life with my mum alive and to tell everyone what a wonderful person she was before and after her diagnosis just like all those people I care for every day. I really do understand – Tracie Peate

I pledge not to forget the message today and to remember what matters every day and to share what matters in all of our homes – Debbie Price

I pledge to always be there when you need me – Janice West

I pledge to try and care for people with my best ability and to carry caring for rest of life – Dean New

My pledge is to give as much love, caring and understanding to all what need me – Maggie Humphries

My pledge is to always be there and to ask how a person is feeling and how they are doing. To speak to families and individuals and ask “what can I do to help” because I care and will do everything in my power to get somebody’s smile back and to be happy – Stephanie Ireson

I pledge to support cares to enable them to continue to care well – Liz Casson

My pledge is to keep the smile on my face and be there for my patients and vulnerable people who need my arms around them for that loving cuddle – Deborah Bartlam Evans

I pledge to really listen to our people’s stories and to try to tailor care needs to fulfil their wishes. To be a strong voice and advocate – Michelle Athersmith

To listen and support cares, family or “professionals” in order to help them to continue to provide their valuable support to the people that matter to them – Jessica Edwards

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2 comments on “First pledges of 2016 come from UCLAN and Shropshire!
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