DCV ends 2015 at New Lanarkshire College

We are proud to have been invited back to speak at New Lanarkshire College, or as its fondly known by the team, Cumbernauld College by lecturer Alex Murphy on Monday 21st December. It is always heart-warming to be asked back to speak about our work, and we’d like to thank the new cohort of HNC Students studying Healthcare and training to be Nurses and Care Assistants, who came and listened.


We have been overwhelmed by all the kindness this year and all inspiring pledges made. You can read the pledges from Monday’s talk here:

To always listen to the needs of carers and the people they care for-Megan McNicol

My pledge is to treat every patient I meet living with dementia as a person first, and try get to know them before the illness. To remember that everyone is someone’s family and to treat them with the respect I would want my family to have.

I pledge to take into consideration the way each person likes to live their life in order to treat the person and not just their condition-Nicole Cooper

I pledge to be understanding towards the families and patient, and remember what and who matters

I pledge to always listen and commit to everyone and their families. Never make assumptions that all is ok-Vikki Shaw

To help as many people as possible recover to optimal health and quality of life. Make a difference to others lives-Lorraine Allan

I pledge to always be the best I can be and do the best I can do to provide the best care, support, dignity and kindness to those who need it. To make a difference-Claire Gillespie

My pledge is to make a difference in patients and their family’s lives. I would love to give people back the feeling my nana and family got when we went through lung cancer-Pamela McGrory

I wish to in the future do everything I can to have an impact on the lives on every person in my care. I want to make a difference and ensure they know they are not alone throughout their journey-Kerry Mallay

I pledge to do everything in my power to make a difference for all the people in my care and continue to support and help their families throughout my career and future life-Chloe Penman

To have an impact on patients and their families’ lives, and help make their experience less lonely, and more special to them-Kirsty Smith

To treat and care for patients as the individual that they are, and not for the medical condition they have and to have a little faith-Beth Fitzgerald

To remember that these people had lives before the disease took over and always respect the person’s dignity. Do not make people’s lives a routine! Rebecca Lockhart

I pledge to care for people to the best of my ability and to keep in mind what matters to them-Brian Holmes

My nana took unwell and I cared for her till the day she left and it has made me want to help people the way I did with my nana-Gemma Fish

My pledge is to care for everyone the way I would like my family to be cared for. I have been a carer for my sister in a different way, I want to be the best I can-Michaela Reader

I pledge to make sure that everyone that I care for has a voice if they are unable to speak up for themselves, I will make sure they receive the care that they deserve-Stephanie Hood

To always treat every person and their family members with kindness. To take the time to get to know them and help keep their individuality-Siobhan Griffin

I pledge to ensure patient centred care. I will never forget the person behind the illness-Melissa Carslaw

To always see the person before the disease and give as much as I can to help everyone without a voice-Kimberley Mills

To never define someone by their dementia. I pledge to see the person, their life and their love story-Samantha Tallo

And a big thank you to the people have been tweeting and e-mailing pledges to us!

I pledge to make a difference however big or small to the lives of the people who come into Newquay Community Hospital and their family and carers-Sue Greenwood

I pledge to do all I can to make a difference-Simon Sherring

I pledge to see past the conditions of the patients that I will treat and see the person inside, and ensure that the person is treated with the dignity, respect, worth and individuality that they deserve – Andrew Magee



We also have pledges from our talk earlier on in the year: https://dementiacarervoices.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/new-lanarkshire-college-welcomes-tommy-and-laura-this-week/


Thanks from all the team!

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