NHS Leadership Academy pledge to make a difference

Tommy was asked to facilitate a workshop on Making a Difference at the Aspiring Chief Executive program delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy on the 16th December in Leeds.


We’d like to thank Lisa Oldfield, Programme Coordinator for the NHS Leadership Academy, and Chris Lake, Head of Professional Development, for inviting Tommy to speak. As a team we were really honoured to open this new programme aimed at the next generation of NHS Chief Executives.

It was an honour to speak at the event and read all the pledges from the day.

To make sure that I listen to the voice of carers and patients before I make decisions-and that I involve them in helping to make and drive improvements.

I pledge to always ensure that all conversations that I am involved in about a patient, refer to them by their name and not “Bed 24” or “The lady with pneumonia” –Richard Jenhins

Continue to champion and support our acute trust dementia programme at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust-Dr Andrew Catto

To stop, listen, hear before I try and intervene or make a suggestion that might not be right for the person I am trying to help-Josie

I pledge to listen to carers and their families so I can help in any I can to make a difference in their lives-Hughie Mills

To make a positive difference at least once per day for the people I work for and with and mainly the patients I care for-Denyse Ghisayawan

To make sure that anyone who asks for my help will get the right help they need either by myself or someone who maybe in a better position to fulfil it.

I pledge to find the difference that only I can make, and make that difference everyday-Deborah Lee

My pledge is to work tirelessly to create the culture where kindness is king and time is made for people’s stories to be told-Erin Wilkinson-Brice

I pledge to encourage the art of conversation in the organisation ‘Change the dynamic, change the outcome’

My pledge is to listen to people and their carers, to understand what is important to them and do what I can do to help make that happen-Suzanne Tracey

My pledge is to keep doing what I am, listening, understand each and every one as an ‘individual’ and keep increasing awareness and understanding where I can-Nicola Binns

I will ask people what and who matters to them and try to help them achieve their dreams-Jill Copeland

For my organisation to listen more to carers and make their voice count-Silas Nicholls



You can learn more about NHS Leadership Academy: www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk  or follow the great work they do on Twitter: @nhsleadership


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