Bolton NHS Foundation Trust pledges to make a difference!

Tommy gave two talks on 14th December at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and we would like to thank Grace Langton and Ben Roberts for their kindness in providing this opportunity, and taking Tommy on a tour of the new dementia friendly wards.

It was an honour to open the new ward and to speak to the staff at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust about how they can make a difference. It was an inspiring day and enjoyed by all. You can read the pledges from the day below.


I pledge that I will always show love & kindness in all I do.

To treat every patient and carer I meet as my own and remember to treat more as individuals with their own story-Ann Lloyd

I will always remember that every patient I meet has an important story to tell and I will listen-Tracey Garde

My pledge is to remember the person and family in all that I do.

I will commit to meet patients on my wards every day to hear their stories-Claire

To get other staff to visit the website and listen to your amazing story-Racheal Bridge

To always care for the person within- not just the person we see- Sharon Broadhurst

To help and make contact with someone outside of work role-Chris Davidson

To facilitate the best possible care for patients with dementia-but with upmost dignity and respect-Sandra Crompton

To make reference to Tommy’s work in the end of life care training that we do-Sharon France

Remember my and nan.

To ensure I know the story of every patient I care for and what makes them who they are-Kate Daly-Brown

To always learn and understand-Alexander Ford

To listen, understand and act in whatever way I can to help patients and families-Lynn Salmon


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