DCV Visits West Lothian College

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Big thanks to Marion Darling and the inspiring students and team at West Lothian College for inviting Dementia Carer Voices  to speak to Health and Social Care Students and staff on December 8th 2015.

We are inspired by the pledges and the incredible pledge wall the students have made.  The wall has been designed to be used to support fulfilling the pledges and for reflecting on after placements.


Thank you for all the team at Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

My pledge is to never forget throughout my career to be kind. I will always work to promote the rights of carers and those living with dementia – Kelly Marie MacKay

To help other human beings no matter what and make them have a satisfying and to feel love and cared for. Just to be a decent person for others – Craig Knox

I pledge to make someone smile if only once a day to show that one person and one smile can make a difference – Ashley Queen

To help others in a caring, empathetic manner in whatever care environment I will choose.

I pledge to always strive to listen and hear carers and those living with a health condition. To always be a part of the solution.  To always know what matters to those affected by ill health.

I pledge to remember Tommy and his mum Joan when I go into a situation where I am unsure how to help. Tommy is an inspiration and I want to make suffers and their families lives better – Katie MacDonald

My pledge is to remember the person, who they were and what matters to them. Care for people the way I would like to be cared for or my family.  To make a difference – Lynsey Morrison

I pledge to continue to promote benevolence and unselfish concern – Fiona Veitch

My pledge is to give the best help I can to every person who needs my help. Listening to them, understand how they are feeling and why. What I can do to help them feel safe.

I pledge to continue to treat people with kindness and compassion and to take time to listen.

I pledge to make a difference to people’s lives and give them something to smile about – Stephanie Healy

My pledge is to do my best to go above and beyond like others have done to help my family – Michelle Low

I pledge to help people be less lonely in their caring position.

I am interested in helping people after losing my great grandad to dementia and seeing the struggle he went through and think who did he have to support him? I want to be there and support people with mental health problems.

I pledge to show the upmost love and respect to every care user I work with – April Johnstone

My pledge is to be there and care for others to find out about other people’s needs and likes and to remember people with dementia still have feelings – Tracy McSporran

I pledge to give people the best care possible to help people to the best of my ability – Shaun Gallacher

I pledge to help individuals reach their full potential, through my knowledge and experience of being a gentle natured, caring individual – Lewis Sandilands

My pledge is to try my hardest to become a person who carers for others and someone who can change a person’s life for the better – Caitlin Keenan

My pledge would be to help the community and to listen to those in need as well as their carers – Hannah Louise

My pledge would be to help the community as much as I can and to make sure everybody has their say – Tia Fairley

I pledge to help others and to always treat the people with care and dignity – Julie-Anne Graham

My pledge is to give people a voice that will be heard. Respect their decisions and choices and their rights – Kaleigh Potter

I pledge to listen and support each person as their own individual – Karrie-Ann Weir

I pledge to always see the person and not the illness – Samantha Kerr

I pledge to learn and study to gain knowledge and apply it to a role in the community working with people who need cared for understand others and find out what matters to them – Alistair Nisbet

I pledge to never allow family members /cares to feel alone or isolated – Ruth Hardwick

My pledge is I came to college to start my path towards becoming a nurse in the A&E department. I used to care for my little brother and mum that inspired me – Nicole Thayne

In thinking about my own pledge it will be to continue to work towards individuals living with dementia and their carers voices being heard and listened to. I will continue to spread the word of good practice with everyone I meet and I will engage learners in remembering the human being they may be working with or connecting with. I will always strive to reduce the stigma of dementia and promote positive person centred care practice. I want to do more to create a world where people are not seen through the lens of a diagnosis but as the person they are. I will always enjoy the moments with my Dad even when times are hard and he doesn’t remember me I will be patient and love him always – Marion

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  1. […] had the great pleasure to speak to students before with Marion back on 8 December 2015, where the students made an incredible pledge wall. The wall had been designed to be used to […]

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