Nottingham pledge to make a difference!

We would like to thank Emma Head of Professional Standards at CityCare Nottingham for kindly inviting Tommy to give two talks at the Park Inn Hotel in Nottingham on December 7th.


It was an inspiring day and we would also like to thank Euan Wilkinson for his kind feedback:

‘Attendees at the Nursing and Health Visitor Professional Forum were inspired by the personal account of Tommy Whitelaw and his mother Joan and they struggled together with the effects of Joan’s vascular dementia. His experience as a son and carer, the reality of the challenges presented by the illness, and impact of both positive and negative interactions with healthcare professionals was an educational and emotional experience for everyone at the Forum.

The difference that we as healthcare providers can make by listening and understanding, going that extra mile, and treating people with dignity and respect was a reminder of the opportunity we have to make a huge difference to people’s lives in their time of greatest need.

The quarterly Forum, split into morning and afternoon sessions, seeks to raise the professional voice of nursing within CityCare and to deliver our nursing strategy. The Forum also included an introduction from Tracy Tyrrell and a presentation by Kate Whittaker to remind us of the importance of ensuring our patients have their voice heard.’


Big thanks to everyone who took the time to attend; you can read the pledges from the day below:


To continue always asking who and what matters to the patient before deciding what I think matters to them-Joanne Clark

To continue to learn about the person behind the diagnosis and to ensure carers have their needs assessed-Elise Adam

To listen to the patient’s story.

To listen to carers’ experience to ensure service delivery reflects the care required for patients and their carers-Lindsay Bones

To listen to our staff feedback to ensure we change and influence our services to meet our patients’ needs-Tracy Tyrrell

To listen, to share with other nurses Joan & Tommy’s story so they develop person centred care within community nursing- Claire Griffins

To refer and signpost carers of people with a learning disability and dementia to appropriate services and support groups, (i.e. early onset dementia team) making commissioners aware of gaps in services-Shelly Hancock

My pledge is to “listen” and treat people with dementia with dignity and respect alongside their carers/family. Gain/increase a greater understanding of dementia and carers isolation aiming for a positive patient journey and support for carer-Dinah Duffield

To ensure that any individual and their family under my care does not feel lonely on their journey-Loraine Parker

To be ‘kind’ to the people I sit beside, work beside and live beside every day by asking them what matters to them and what I can do to make them smile-Julie Lindo

To continue to challenge appointment slot timings for district nurses to ensure we have enough time to give our patients/carers.

To ensure that I find out what and who matters in this person’s life, and ensure that I listen and make a difference without realising I do-Marie Hooper



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