NHS Forth Valley pledge to Make a Difference

With thanks to Dr Linda Wolff, Consultant Psychiatrist and all the staff who took the time to come to one of Tommy’s three talks in NHS Forth Valley on the 9th December. Tommy gave two talks at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and one in Falkirk Community Hospital.

We would also like to thank Anne Cook and Susan McConachie for the opportunity. It was a great chance to meet and speak to front line staff and to encourage more people to make a pledge.


Looking forward to working in partnership with all the staff at NHS Forth Valley next year, with more talks and pledge trees to support staff to fulfill their pledges.

You can read the pledges from the three talks below:

At my work I am passionate about fighting for carers and clients rights. At home, on the other side I feel so desperate to give my mum the care she deserves at home- Marie Lindsay

I pledge to see the person before the dementia and care for people to the best of my ability-Susan Dunphy

To do my bit as much as I can to ensure all the people I come into contact with are listened to and have equal access to services they request-Annie Gibbs

To always see the person and not ‘the dementia’ in every encounter.

To always see the person and their life story. To offer support, reassurance and listen to patients and carers. Most of all to provide hope to people who may have none-R. Murray

To treat every one of our patients as I’d like my family to be treated-with dignity, respect and love-Amy Louise Davids

To always treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve. I’ll always listen and smile. –Emma Todd

My pledge is to treat everyone, no matter, in the same way I would expect and hope to be treated myself. Dignity and respect-Evelyn Morgan

Listen. Listen again to the person with dementia and the carer and listen again.

To listen and see the person. To try and make a difference –even in a small way. Be part of the love story-Lorna Mullin

To treat every one of my patients as individuals –with respect– as I would want my loved ones treated- Kristine Scott

To continue to treat people with dignity, respect and kindness, to give them time and support-Sheila Smith

My pledge is to ask the important questions –what matters to you?

I pledge to ascertain what matters and will make a difference to patients and their carers.

To speak to all relatives on admission to gain information and find out what matters to the person and their family-Steven McDonald

My pledge is to always treat people as individuals showing them dignity, respect and compassion whilst using my communication skills to listen to everyone, ensuring they have my time and kindness-June Higney

My pledge is to act with kindness at all times. Also take the time to listen to people suffering from dementia, their carers and their family and support them as much as I can-Ghislaine Howarth

To continue to treat my patients with respect, dignity and see through this illness of dementia, and treat the person as an individual and empathise with relatives, carers-Lynne

My pledge would be to do my job with humility and understanding to deliver a high standard of care-Nancy Roberts

I promise to listen to people and be kind and caring towards them when they are feeling scared and lonely-Katie McGuire

I pledge to treat every patient the way I would treat my Mum, Gran or Grandad and never forget to show the care and compassion to patients that I would my loved ones-Chris

To encourage and remind the staff of ‘how they would like to be treated’- Anne Cook

My pledge is to listen, care and treat all the individuals I work with in the same manner as I do my Dad who has dementia -Rosemary McGuigan

Looking forward to working in partnership with all the staff at NHS Forth Valley next year, with more talks and pledge trees to support staff to fulfil their pledges.

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