Big thanks to Cara from DCV!

Big thanks to Cara for her fundraising activities for the ALLIANCE on 21st November!

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It was lovely to meet up with Cara in the office today and to thank her in person for organising the event and bringing 71 people together to join in conversation and of course zumba! The entire Dementia Carer Voices team and the ALLIANCE are very grateful for all of Cara’s hard work.

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Zumbathon at UWS


zumbaI am a student nurse at UWS Paisley campus and Tommy came to give us his talk at uni last week. I am speaking for everyone who was there when I say that it was one of the most inspirational, heartbreaking but admirable things I’ve ever heard. I personally had a great aunt, Nancy, who passed away from vascular dementia two years ago. Many of my friends also have relatives who have or had dementia and as nurses we will be looking after people with dementia for many years to come.

So I decided after being very moved by Tommys story, that I wanted to do something to help raise money and awareness. I work as a Zumba instructor and decided to organise a Zumbathon on Saturday 21st of November from 2.30-6pm at the Lagoon leisure centre in paisley. I have instructors from all over Scotland willing to teach at it many of whom have relatives who have/had dementia and one instructor who sadly lost both parents to the disease.

My plan is to have the Zumbathon for the first 2 hours then I have asked Tommy to share his talk for the last hour. I am also looking for businesses to “hire a stall”. The stall will be £10 donation towards the funds we are raising for Alliance then whatever money they make on the day is their own to keep. Tickets for the event are £5 for adults and £2.50 for children under 12. You can pay on the day for the event. Any children attending must be accompanied by an adult and a consent form must be filmed out as photographs will be taken on the day if you are interested in getting newspapers involved then that is something I can look into? ALL proceeds will go to The ALLIANCE.

I am hoping this event will be a massive success for such a great cause. I have made a Facebook event which currently has 63 people attending.

Thank you

Cara Goodwin

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