NHS Fife Pledge to Make a Difference!

Tommy had the privilege to speak to staff at an NHS Fife collaborative learning session on Monday 2nd November.

It was an inspiring day and the team would like to thank Shirley Magee, Karen Goudie and all the staff at NHS Fife Older People Collaborative (OPC) for launching pledge trees across different NHS Fife sites and inviting Tommy to speak. It’s fantastic to see the pledge trees and we are absolutely honoured by NHS Fife’s commitment to our You Can Make a Difference campaign.

NHS Fife pledge tree

Tommy had a great day speaking at the OPC, you can read the inspiring pledges from the day below:

To support the ward team in developing their knowledge and confidence of dementia and delirium –Amy Fox

To always see the person not the patient.

To improve nutritional care in ward 31.

I pledge to focus on my communications with family and carers with dementia. To ensure I provide adequate listening, support and commit appropriate understanding.

To work as a team to improve patient and relatives care in our ward- Emma McLean

What I have learned today I’m going to take back my learning and Tommy story- Angela Watson

Always keep patients and carers at the forefront of planning care when appropriate. Also, to always try to learn about patients’ life and things important to them

My pledge is to further my own education to assist colleagues with ensuring patient’s journey is as smooth as can be-Vicky Smith

My pledge is to identify older persons individual needs, provide, support, compassion and aim to improve the patient care and support- Sharon Crabb

My pledge is to improve the patient journey and experience for the frail elderly-Fiona Palmer

I aim to be more aware of dementia & delirium patients treatment and make sure the treatment I give is patient centred and includes family & carers- Lauren Stenhouse

Getting electric beds for the ward to help every patient who aren’t mobile

My pledge is to listen and spend time with frail elderly patients to help fulfil their needs

To support my clinical colleagues to explore new ways of working to improve patient care-Shirley Magee

My pledge is to be able to help and assist take the collaborative work forward to improve patient care and to make their stay in our ward to a positive one –Vivienne Hunter

Take the time to show interest in every person and their family’s situation. Show kindness and compassion through individualised care- Helene

To try and create a frailty friendly environment in the course of my working day, with support from patients, their families, colleagues and MDT.

To support the participants and all achieving the outcome of the project which is created

Improve relationships between patients/carers and staff-Carole Arnott




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