Oxleas NHS Trust Care Support Workers Pledge to Make a Difference

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Big thanks to Victoria Smith, Placement Development Manager at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust for inviting Tommy to speak at the 6th Annual Health Care Support Worker Conference.

The day was truly inspiring with staff sharing their work, passion and stories.


Tommy has had the privilege to speak at the Trust before and in fact Vicky was truly wonderful in introducing Tommy to delegates and organising a pledge wall on the day.  Here is a link to that event here.

Thank you Vicky, Jane and all at the Trust for the great kindness and opportunity to take part.

You can read the pledges from the day below:

I pledge that I will always strive to see the individual before I see the condition – Juciana Ansah

I`m here.  You don’t have to feel alone and lost.

I pledge to continue and try harder to listen to patient and family in every opportunity – Jemma

I pledge I will always listen and share concerns to help get the care and support needed – Lynsey Walker

I pledge to listen and support people with dementia and support their families as much as I can – Emma Corrie

I pledge to make aware to care professionals the needs of persona that have dementia.  To make them understand the despair and frustration that can impact – Fiona Pascall

I pledge to ask what you would like me to do for you – Jackie

My pledge is to keep my mum as a person and not an NHS number – Linda Rolfe

I pledge to give the up most care and compassion to every individual and treat them as individuals – Nic Rivers

My pledge is to be there for everyone to listen, love and understand – Carole Brown

I will carry on the good work I do and understand the needs of relatives – Toni Coker

I pledge to offer as much care to those I support as I would my own family.

I pledge to listen, not rush, always be patient as I can be – Jacqui Pope

I promise to listen to my patients and families and get the best possible help out there for them – Karen Bagnes

I pledge to listen, give time for and to my patients – Lorraie Brend

I will try each day to make that difference no matter how small – Jill Saunders

I pledge to never give up and to always give time to listen to cares and individuals in my care.

I pledge not to use the word challenging anymore, and also to speak to the people as individuals – Annamarie Pugh

I pledge to offer kindness, care and respect for the person I care for and support their carers – Lucy Derrick

I pledge to do my all and more to treat everyone with the utmost respect, privacy and dignity I gave to my uncle and every other dementia patient I have cared for – Joanna Hartnup

I pledge care, compassion and commitment, simple 3 C`s – Ellen Carter

I pledge to ensure all of our nursing workforce and support workers know their patients story – Maggie Granger

My pledge is to listen to families and cares, even on the busiest shifts, more often than I do – Marion Hehir


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

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