NELFT NHS Foundation Trust Add Personal Pledges

Last week saw Tommy speaking at NELFT NHS Foundation Trust Carers Count Conference.  Massive thanks to Stephanie Dawe, Chief Nurse and the Member Executive Team – Geraldine Rogers, Rosemary Neilson and all the team at NELFT NHS Foundation Trust for inviting Tommy to speak at the Carers Count Conference.

Tommy had a truly wonderful day was inspired by all the wonderful people he met. The Trust have started a new staff pledge tree.

Make a difference pledge trees growing across @NELFT #carers #dementia #patex

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There were lots of other speakers, including the wonderful Cathy, Emma and Magnum sharing their inspirational stories.

@tommyNtour: Thank you Cathy Emma @EmmySelby and Magnum for a truly inspirational talk today and for making my ❤️ smile

Below is some pledge we have received over the last week.  thanks to each and everyone of you, Team DCV 🙂

Our reception will be a welcoming and friendly place where people can get help.
We will incorporate making a difference into our website and mission statement, and on the website create a specific page for carers and the help they can access (you made the point that it often comes along too late)
We will value the small touches that make a big difference, help prop up other wonderful carers like yourself – Eden Court Medical Practice in Castle Vale

I pledge to continue to look after my patients with kindness, compassion and to teach my GP training to be compassionate.  I also pledge to listen more to my mother and share the loneliness she experiences as a dementia carer for my father.

I pledge to do information research that will help people with dementia and those who love them.  I lost my dad to dementia/PPA when he was only 67.  I miss him every day and I hope he is proud of me –  Diane Pennington

I pledge I will listen, take the time to care and treat others as I wish my family to be treated – Lucy Barnsley

I pledge I will make the effort to understand what is important to you so I can help you better – Steve Gabriel

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