What a month!



This weeks guest post comes from Gabriela and the MindMate team.  Lets see what they have been up to!

What a month!

It has been a crazy and exciting month for the MindMate team! A lot has happened since we did our trial in summer and a lot more is to come.

We are happy to share that many of our testers are still using the app and the feedback has been very good so far. We are very grateful for their support and input. But we have grown a lot since our testers joined. The MindMate App is currently being used by almost 5,000 people all over the world and the numbers are constantly increasing.

Some other important milestones have been:


Tommy and MindMate on tour 🙂

One important development that is especially close to our hearts is the announcement of Tommy Whitelaw as our community advisor. He has given us indispensable insight into the world of a dementia caregiver and has amazed us with the connection he has to the community. His support has been especially important to Rogelio, who found strength and encouragement in speaking to other caregivers.


The NHS gives it a try

What is also very exciting is the trial that is planned together with the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Trust. The Dementia Support and Development Lead, Stephen Lithgow has been an incredible support and will lead the trial with 60 IPads that will be used by the line workers in the “Post Diagnostic Support”. We are meeting them in a week to give an introduction into all the features of the app.


MindMate is beneficial for care homes too!

This week’s highlight was probably our great visit in the Cranlea Care Home in Newcastle. The care home is lovely and we really enjoyed the tour we got. Together with the Anchor’s Community Partnership Manager David Wood, the Home Manager Lynn Day and Activities Co-Coordinator Michele we looked at all the benefits the MindMate App can have to care home residents and their carers. We are excited to see where this can go!


Prizes and Recognition

Susanne and Gabriela from MindMate travelled to Denmark a couple of weeks ago to participate in the European Telemedicine Conference and pitch for the Global Young Innovators Competition. We got the second prize and are incredibly proud to have convinced the Jury despite the international competition.


Also, last but not least, we are one of the happy winners of the Young EDGE Scottish EDGE Awards. We have been awarded 10,000 pounds and are working hard on improving the app further and have something else coming up that will, together with the MindMate App, make a huge difference for people who care for someone with dementia.

If you haven’t downloaded the free App yet, do it here: itunes.apple.com/us/app/mindmate-empowering-people/id1030422375

And please give us feedback and a good review if you like it!

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via e-mail: info@mindmate-app.com and visit our website: www.mindmate-app.com


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