Moray College students pledge to #makeadifference


Dementia Carer Voices were delighted to be invited to speak to Health and Social Care Nursing Students at Moray College last week.

Tommy popped over to speak to the students as part of our talks across the area (4 talks to social work teams in Moray Council)

Massive thanks to Toni McIlwraith, Assistant Director Health & Social Care – Social Sciences at Moray College, Anne, Carol (module leaders) and the Nursing students for the opportunity, kindness and pledges.

You can read the pledges below.  Some of them are from other recent events the team have been at.  North Ayrshire, Glasgow Uni and the Commitment 11 event on dementia.


Team DCV 🙂

 I pledge to be kind, gentle and taking time getting to know my residents more and sitting down and speaking to them about their past and experience – Victoria Stuart

I pledge to simply treat every patient with kindness and respect.

I aspire to be the most caring, understanding and helpful nurse I can possibly be.  To help others feel safe, secure and happy – Tania Donald

I pledge to always look beyond an illness to the person behind it – Jodie Riddoch

I pledge to care and understand more about dementia and try to be more helpful and understanding and to help others feel more secure and safe – Emma Badger

I pledge to make a difference in care services, listen to them, care for them, give them love and a chance for them to know they are going to get the help they need – Sara Janeiro

My pledge is to try and be the best palliative care nurse I can be and try to be “that nurse” to make someone smile – Kim Robb

I pledge to treat others how I would like me or my family to be treated.  Be kind.  Be a friend and be respectful – Samantha Petrie

I pledge to always smile, to make others smile and always be happy to talk to them.

I pledge to be the best support worker that I can be.

I pledge to be the best support worker I can be by getting to know the people I care for.

My pledge is to be the best caring and understanding nurse I can be – Eleanor Grant

I pledge regardless of what is going on in my life, there is always someone wanting, needing more help – Garry Dunnett

My pledge is to care and love everyone I come across in my life time, change the lives of people I care for. Care for how I would want to be cared for – Kat McDonald

I pledge to take the time to listen – Victoria Pickup

I pledge to hold my hand out to every lonely person, to listen, to help and inspire people along the way – Claire Thomason

I pledge to treat everybody with the respect, love and kindness they deserve, always – Bethany Mackintosh

I pledge to make a difference to every life I touch, and learn about that life – Bethany Mackintosh

‘To be like you Tommy’.

To give my 500% and always be there as a friend and professional – Aiden Murray

To be that person who changes another person’s life for the better. To be that person who makes a difference. To be that person who someone else says “my life is better because of that person”.

To always make people smile. Spot that silver lining. To make a difference – Honor

To become a midwife and support people during those times.

My pledge is to care for my grandmother because ever since she lost her husband she has gone. downhill with MS – Harry Leslie

I pledge that if I deal with anyone with dementia I will treat them with utmost dignity and respect.

My pledge is to really take the time to see the person I’m caring for ‘cos that’s what’s important.

I pledge at home to provide a “neighbourhood watch” and support people in my local community – get to know their story.  At work I pledge to continue to focus all my efforts on making North Ayrshire a better place for all people experiencing dementia carers and individuals – Mark Haplin

I pledge to know the way, show the way and go the way in designing and delivering dementia services in Scotland – Anthony Fisher

I pledge to be the best possible person I can and help wherever possible – Calum

I pledge to always listen and firstly consider what is important to the person and their carers – Emma Ball

I pledge to help/be there for those with nobody – Tony Martin

I pledge to care for the patient not the bed number.  I pledge to work hard to become the best nurse I can be, to find out what and who matters to them – Sarah Wallace

I pledge to care for those with dementia regardless of background, with the same dignity and respect I would like myself or my family to be treated – Rachel Fletcher Hawkins

I pledge to never be complacent in the care of my patients and to be considerate of their goals, dreams and aspirations.

I pledge to care for everyone l like I would like my family to be cared for and to listen to their love story – Hanna McNulty

I pledge to introduce carer group on the wards – Sally Forlong

I pledge to give better patient care – Debra Campbell

I pledge to implement and physical wellbeing passport for all patients admitted to our ward.  On discharge the passport will go with them.  To ensure up to date information available to ensure their physical wellbeing – Donna Tran

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