Moray Council Pledge to Make a Difference!


With great thanks to Linda McMahon, Training Facilitator Social Work Training Team at Moray Council for kindly inviting Dementia Carer Voices to give 4 talks to 320 staff over two days who work at Moray Council Care at Home Teams.


Tommy was very honoured to speak about the project, caring for his mum, the pledges, the National Conversation and was had a great day meeting everyone.

care inspect photo


We are very inspired by the passion to deliver the best possible care for people.

You can read the inspiring pledges below


Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂

I pledge to continue enjoying my job as a home carer and making a difference to the people I look after and care for on a daily basis – Alison Thorneycroft

To continue to emphasise the word ‘care’ in my profession – Janette Smithies

To always listen.

To be caring and considerate on a minute to minute basis putting the needs and wants of our service users to the forefront of my daily duties – Amanada McCreath

My pledge is to smile, say hello every day to the person in front, beside me.

To take the time to encourage conversation about their life, interests and things that make them smile 🙂

To ensure that time is a given to allow carers to listen to the people they are caring for – Fiona Mackie

To support my family members as well as the service users I care for. To make time to do so – Fiona Mackie

To be the best carer I can possibly be. To be there for, and support as best as I can – Sacha Christie

To take the time to get to know people. Their past memories and support them through their fears. Put myself in others shoes and count myself lucky for what I have – Joanna Barnes

To continue to care for those who need it – Pauline Murray

To make sure my carers are all well skilled in the understanding of dementia and the person they look after.

To take time to be there, listen, and try to understand, and speak slowly – Cathlene Dawson

Take time to listen and try to understand and get to know the person – Brenda Reid

To take the time to listen and be able to deliver care in a person centred way. Get to know the person and support the person in a kind fashion – Amanda Hay

I will try not to fail my service user.

Care, Listen, Support, Be There, Love, Security – Shirley Kyle

To be kind, to take time, to listen, to be informed – Jill Houghton Slyte

My pledge is to continue to listen to every individual and provide a caring friendship, and go out of my way to help make the service users day a very happy one.

To make every person I deal with to feel that they are the only one that matters and that they are not alone – Kevin Dodd

I pledge to listen and be the voice for anyone who suffers through dementia, be it patient or carer or family or friend.

My pledge would be to care for people in the community with a person centred approach this would make a difference. We need continuity of care in the community – Sally Nicholson

To have patience to listen, and make people matter.

To work my hardest so that no one feels alone – Chloe Inkson

To obtain the personal information- likes and dislikes, of people with dementia who require care. This should be used to inform carers what they need to know to be able to see the person not just someone with dementia – Sheila McInnes

To find out people’s stories and try and help carry that story and be a support – Joan Hall

Is to see the ‘whole’ person, their history, their relationships, their achievements and disappointments, a person centred approach, involving family and the individual.

My pledge is to continue to ensure the safety, have compassion, listen to, have the knowledge and skills to work with service users with dementia and make a difference – Karen Burnett

To care for my service users as I would like to be cared for and as I would like my beloved parents to have been treated – Heather Skene

To treat everyone as I would like to be treated and do my job that I enjoying doing.

To allow a more person centred care for the service users. Give time to communicate and understanding that individuals needs and wishes – Angela Costello

My pledge is to learn more to help the people I care for – Sarah


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