Pledges Fife – Durham – Shrewsbury #Nov #Tour


Last week was a very busy week for us.  Tommy was invited to give talks at the NHS Fife – Older People`s Collaborative, NHS Durham and Darlington and Shrewsbury – End of Life Conference.

There are many people to thank, many inspiring people met and pledges made along the way.

NHS Fife will be producing a pledge tree with pledges from the day and as part of the Shrewsbury – End of Life Care Conference they had a wall for delegates to add pledges.



NHS Shrewsbury Pledge wall

image2 image4

NHS Durham


NHS Fife 


A few thanks to all we met week and to Karen Goudie, NHS Fife, Julie Clennel and Susanne Vickers from NHS Durham and  Darlington and Jules Lewis NHS Shrewsbury & Telfiord who invited us along.

Below you can view the inspiring pledges and a few at the end where sent to us via Twitter and email.  You too can send us your pledge to

Thanks, Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


I pledge I will keep visiting Eileen Warren on a Monday afternoon for tea and cake.  She is my Granny and she has dementia and she is very special to me – Bee Anthony

My mum has Alzheimer’s.  My pledge is to always make decisions with her and not about her, and to do all I can to make her life as good as it can be – Jane Blondel

My pledge is to offer kindness and an ear to listen – Sandra Walker

I pledge to work harder at helping colleagues to listen to patients and carers and understand the individual stories – Andrew Finlayson

I pledge to spend time to hear about people’s love stories and ways to keep them alive even when there is suffering with dementia – Gavin Downes

I pledge to see the person behind the dementia – Mandy Grant

I would like to be the one who can make the people with dementia and heir carers feel no longer hopeless, helpless, isolated, despired and who can make their lives better.

I pledge to remember to care for my patients, exactly how grandad should have been cared for – Claire Wood

I pledge to listen to the carer and put yourself in their shoes to try to help or even listen – Sarah Louise

I pledge to always remember why I nurse, to always care and to have the courage to challenge others – Laura Scott

I pledge to continue to care for patients as I do already “Treat them I would want to be treated or like I would care for a family member”.

I pledge to care for everyone as if they were my family – Victoria Hancock

I will always seek to understand, listen show kindness whenever I encounter an opportunity to do so at work and out of work for individuals suffering with dementia and their carers – Sharon Morgan

I pledge to listen and offer support and advice wherever I can – Paula Chapman

I pledge to continue to support my patients, their cares and family, seeking knowledge, support and respecting their wishes and love.  Needs with kindness and empathy.

I pledge to ensure I give the time to listen and hear people’s stories and wishes when I meet them – Debra Mellor

I pledge to remember Tommy Whitelaw in every situation I find myself in and listen – Clare Regan

I pledge to acknowledge and listen to individual circumstances and take on board their situation, feelings and thoughts.  To work together – Joanne Bone

I pledge to really listen and see behind what is being said by cares and patients.

I will not pass the book or allow others to do so I will remind others and myself to listen and acknowledge their situations and help how I can – Linda Warriner

I pledge to always ask if people are coping and find out more about where to signpost people for help – Sue Jackson

I pledge to treat people how I would like to be treated and go the extra mile to help that person – Joanne Hayes

I pledge to always ask the carer/family how they are coping and deal with the response as required ASAP.

I pledge to raise dementia kindness and care in all my teams and to maintain my own kindness and care (Dementia Trees) – Paula Turner

I pledge not to be impatient when someone just needs my time – Wendy Quinn

I pledge to always be kind and recognise the person under the condition – Claire Hay

I pledge to acknowledge the power within listening and taking the time to listen to a person’s story – Adrienne Darrah

I pledge to listen to every individual love story – Rachel Woolcock

I pledge to remember that “the standard we walk past is the standard that we accept” as a future mantra in practice and staff training – Kirsten Miller

I pledge to always listen (actively) and work with them – Wendy Lyons

I pledge to be at the end of a phone whenever I am needed to listen and not to be judgemental – Norma McDonald-Blue

I pledge to always remember the person you were/are – Sue McGuire

I pledge to make time to listen and help whenever it is needed – R.Smurthwaite

I pledge to ensure my dad`s voice is heard.  My mum supported and guided to care – Angela McDonald

I pledge to give people time.  I will listen with respect and dignity to ensure the “little things” are met.  I want to make a difference and be part of the story.  I pledge to provide safe and compassionate care – Rebecca Wright

I pledge to understand the “little things” which count to people – Rachel Hurst

My pledge is to continue caring for my mother-in-law and hopefully provide her say into care – Helena Wilson

I pledge to continue to be kind, caring and happy with everyone I meet at work and out of work – Hilary Earl

I pledge to acknowledge the carers and recognise that each day can be different from the last and the next – Gill Smith

I pledge never to describe anyone as challenging and refer to them by name not condition – Hazel Watson

I pledge to take more time to listen to patients and carers.

I pledge to listen and smile despite of and to hold your/their hands when and if they need me.

I pledge that Tommy Whitelaw keeps up his fantastic work.  You`ve broke my heart today with your story – Andrea Hawkins

I pledge to always go that extra mile to meet patients and carers needs whatever they may be – Elizabeth

I pledge to hold your hand in time of need.  To comfort you when you need comforting.  To show you my love and dedication to you and your family – Nicola Fearnley

I pledge to be patient, kind and considerate to patients and carers.  To take time to get to know them individually.

I pledge to attempt to make time to listen, care and support or just to hold a hand of patient or cares or both.  To make a small difference in the bigger jigsaw – Jackie Payne

I pledge to provide care and support to the standard I sort for my mum who has dementia diagnosis at the age of 52years, passing away at the age of 60.  I know how good it felt when it was good but how much it hurt when it was bad – Debbie Snooke

My pledge is too try my upmost to ensure I see past this horrible disease called dementia that behind this diagnosis there is someone’s mother, father, loved one who needs our understanding and a family who need our support. To be that nurse that makes the difference – Carol Friery

My pledge will start this week with me writing a ‘you can make a difference’ piece in our weekly newsletter which is distributed to all our 200+ members – Nicky Jacques

‘We will always see the person and not the condition’ – The Patient Experience Team including Chaplaincy and Patient Relations at Blackpool Teaching Hospital




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