Stirling University make their pledges to make a difference!



Happy Friday Everyone 🙂

Here is some more pledges for this week from Stirling University.

Thank you to Dr Cari Malcolm, Lecturer at School of Health Sciences at Stirling University for inviting Dementia Carer Voices to speak on Monday 26th October to 150 first year Undergraduate Nursing Students.


Thank you Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂


I commit to supporting and empowering my students to deliver compassionate and person centred care to all – Cari Malcolm

My pledge is to treat patients with the compassion and respect that I would like myself and my relatives to be treated.

My pledge is to be caring and compassionate nurse, who listens and treated all patients and the network of support with kindness – Paul McDonach

I pledge to support, kind and understand people going through dementia and help their families understand – Eilidh McPherson

I pledge for people to understand dementia and help make a difference to those people’s lives – Leanne Hutson

I will be not only a good nurse, also a good person to listen and feel what they are and to make them feel safe and smile – Jessy

I pledge to always see the person for who they are and not their dementia – Niamh

I pledge to respect and show care to all those in need. Also to help them feel comfortable in their own home – Charlotte Cox

I pledge to leave a positive lasting impression on everyone I meet through my job – Ashley Auld

I pledge to always see the person and not the dementia, and to always show compassion and care to others – Kellie Quinn

My pledge is to give people the support and care they need and to provide the info and praise they deserve whilst doing everything in my power to help.

I pledge to inform and be there for the cares.  To support them on different days, and laugh on good days – Claire Ryan

I pledge to get to know residents, service users and patients as a person and not just see them as their illness – Laura Cook

I pledge to always take the time to listen and make sure I know more about the person I am caring for and the people who are important to them – April McIntyre

I pledge to treat all my patients with kindness, respect and dignity.  To treat them as individuals and listen to their needs and if they can’t tell me direct, I will be their advocate – Liz King

I pledge to mot let anyone feel lonely or scared, whether they are caring for or suffering I will always be there to listen – Aimee McFadden

My pledge is to listen to the little things which make a person themselves and to do everything I can to make a person and their families experience the best I can – Natalie Conlin

I pledge to always listen to the story of the cares and the person with dementia, to keep their story alive – Sara McCalman

I pledge to do anything and everything that I can possibly do to better people’s lives and to always treat people with dignity and compassion – Amy Joyce

I pledge to make a difference and help anyone I work with – Lisa McClement

I will make sure that I listen well and find out as much as I can about the patient’s life, and care for them the best I can, also to always show my support – Lisa Paterson

My pledge is to make sure, I seen the person and not the illness and be the most kindest and helpful person/nurse as humanly possible.

I will always take time to understand and listen to people and their stories, to care for them and do my very best to give them the care and love they deserve – Stephanie Porter 

I pledge to always have respect and understanding to all patients I come across and to make them feel safe and important. To never let anyone walk alone – Hayley McKay

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be, to make a difference to those I have the pleasure of encountering.  I will notice the little things and continue to have a passion for kindness – Ela Hunter

My pledge is to provide the care that every person deserves, the listening ear that we all need but mostly be that little bit of sunshine to brighten every day – Lindsay Royle

My pledge is to make sure that I listen and support fully not only my patients but their families – Claire Mcaspuren

I pledge never to leave a patient/carer/family member without confirming I have done all I can and have met their expectations – Paula Lafferty

I pledge to remember Joan with every patient I treat.

I pledge to always make things as fun as possible for the people in my care – Mark

I pledge to be kind, caring and a patient nurse.  One who makes people smile and feel safe and well cared for – Linda Ralph

I pledge to listen to those who need me with an open and empathetic heart.  Treat every person as if they were my mum, my dad, my grandmother or my daughter.  I promise to help every family I come into contact with whether or not they ask for it – Madeline Nyman

I will definitely be a good listener and have good compassion with any one that’s come under my care – Jonathan

I pledge to try to become a good listener for those who need help and provide them the best care they wish for.

My pledge is to always be kind to people and never add distress or feelings of helpfulness when they are most vulnerable.  My pledge is to be the nurse that I would like to have – Nerea

My pledge is to take time out to learn who my patients are and to always care for them to the best of my ability.  Also to think about how they feel – Amy Tollan

I pledge to provide the best care possible and help people to feel safer and be understanding of their situation – Abbey McAuley

I pledge to make a difference to my patients and their families’ lives by being an understanding, kind nurse – Yvonne Boyd

I pledge to remember that every conversation counts – Brenda Henry

I pledge to try and make a difference to every person I meet and care for.  Get to know the person and learn their story – Jo McIntyre

I pledge to give the best possible support and care towards my patients throughout their time of need – Kayleigh

I pledge to make sure I am caring as much for cares as the person who is suffering from the illness – Lisa Sheehan

To support and think of the needs of everyone that I care for.  To never forget about the lives people have lived and to care and be kind to everyone I meet throughout my nursing career – Shonagh Mitchell

To never let anyone feel as bad as I do, to never leave someone alone when they are feeling most lonely, to be there for them and support them in their time of need.  I know it’s harder alone – Erin Thomson

My pledge is to always be there for my patients and make sure they know someone cares about them and I also pledge that no one in my care should feel lonely – Kerrie Hamilton

To take the time to listen to each individual patient, carer, family member, significant other so that I may make a difference – Allison Neill

To be the best nurse that I can be to every patient I meet – Isla Anne Swales

To listen to every life story and assure everyone everything is going to be ok – Hayley Quinn-Baillie

To be the best nurse that I can possibly be.  To never forget to listen and take the time to remember the person behind the patient – Sharon Spence

To always do my upmost to make a positive difference in the people’s lives I come in contact with, to care and treat others how I wish to be treated, with RESPECT!, to be the best nurse I can be – Rachael Keatley

My pledge is to make a difference by making everyone feel included to prevent loneliness.  Give help to everyone who needs it if possible – Jakub Orlowski

To make a difference in the job that I do and for the people I work with – Connor Kay

To provide the care and support that every person deserves.  To listen to them, help them when they are at their down point and to help them through their difficult time – Aimee Connolly

My pledge is to help keep the respect and the dignity of any patient I help.  I aim to help keep the person’s soul alive by seeing the person for who they are – Sinead Avington

For people to understand dementia – Natalie Crawford

I pledge to listen and be understanding to patients, their families and all involved in the care of people – Kayleigh Goodwillie

To always try my best to put patients first and to make at least one person smile a day – Julianne Boa

I pledge to attempt to help raise those in my care and their families in their time of need at any moment, be there to support them – Amber McConville

I pledge to always take time to be kind, understanding and help others; always strive to make a difference – Gemma Crook

I pledge to be the most caring, compassionate and understanding nurse I can be, and to never let anyone that I have the pleasure of meeting feel lonely or scared – Rachel Mackie

My pledge is to never make anyone fee lonely or hopeless.  To help them even in the smallest matters and for me to make a difference in the care of others – Kellie Acheson

I pledge to see past the medical condition that someone may have and instead see the individual person that they really are – Hannah Stark

I pledge to support every person I meet with all I can do.  I would do my best to listen and support people with all my heart – Gloria Ochelli

My pledge is to be a nurse who is going to hear the families and patients with broken hearts with these beloved ones who have affected with any type of dementia and any mental illness.

I pledge to prioritise people and listen.

I pledge to be that nurse who works with kindness, love and understanding.  Always be there to listen to my residence and respect them – Tabitha Stephen

I pledge to always see the person behind the dementia and to take and show my interest in the lives and what makes them happy, so they are treated with the respect they deserve – Hollie Roper

I pledge to always care for people the way I would like people to care about my mum who is really ill with bi-polar – Catherine McBride

I pledge to always listen.

I pledge to be the best possible nurse I can be and always do my best for every single patient I care for – Sam Brown

I pledge to care for people, the way I would like my family and myself to be treated.

I promise to listen, empathise, understand and guide families of cares of a loved one who becomes ill.  For the patient I promise to take the time to get to know them as an individual, they will be the centre of my care – Carol MacKay

I pledge to always try my best to listen and care for individuals in my care and to also be there to listen and care for family members of the loved ones I am caring for – Michelle Morgan

I willingly pledge the rest of my career upholding the rights of older people, protecting their dignity and promoting their independence ensuring their care is central to their needs – Fiona Evans

Hi!We met #egafinalevent1.1 Met pledge&used my leadership gift:dementia champions for our cancer patients.U inspired me😊






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