Day 4 UWS Tour, Dumfries


Tommy was honoured to be finishing off the UWS Tour in Dumfries last week at part the Make a Difference Campaign and National Conversation events.

We were delighted to be joined at the talk to nursing students by Hazel Borland, Director of Nursing and Ken Donaldson, Associate Medical Director of NHS Dumfries and Galloway.

Tommy gave a talk about caring for his mum, our project and pledge campaign followed by a talk from Hazel and Ken who then both took questions from this inspiring students.

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Special Thank you to Hazel, Ken, the students, lecturers and all at the University of the West of Scotland for the great kindness and passion to make a difference.

You can read the inspirational pledges below:

I pledge to always remember the person behind the story – Hazel Borland

I pledge to make someone’s life a bit better – Russell McQuaker

I pledge to never to let a patient or family member feel like I did when I experienced weeks in hospital, to provide support and knowledge and mainly be a friend. To care and be there for the patient and their loved ones.

I pledge to be the best possible example of a nurse as I possibly can be, to be a nurse who treats everyone as a unique individual – Kathleen Large

I pledge to learn everyone’s personal preferences and provide the best form of personal centred care I possibly can. I would love to know or hear every person`s love and life story, so I can have colourful and wonderful conversations with them and get to know every person as well as I possibly can – Emma-Louise McGurl

I pledge to give the care, kindness and respect to each person I work with. As if they were my parent, child or sibling – Louise Edwards

I pledge to use my personal life experiences and challenges to influence the care I deliver to others and their families/carers by being able to remember how I felt or how I would feel if it was me and to make an impact on their lives and their care – Gemma

I pledge to always pride myself in being able to be spoken to and listen to what people have to say. To deliver person centred care to a high level – Gemma

I pledge to make a difference in someone’s life and to make them feel better about themselves even in their darkest days. To give them some hope again, even if they thought it was gone – Ailish Vernon

I pledge to always provide the best person centred care I can to always listen to my patients and their families and to ways protect and respect my patients wishes/needs – Emily Glendinning

I pledge to see the individuals that I work with. To listen to them and their families.  Provide support to those in need – Chelsea Ross

I pledge to be a caring and passionate nurse and see everyone as the person they are and make them feel safe and loved.

I pledge to make a difference to patients, families and carers lives and provide support – Debbie Ewing

I pledge to care for people in a way I would want to be cared for – Cassie Wren

I pledge to improve the patient experience, in a measurable way, in NHSD&G – Ken Donaldson

I pledge to always remember that to be a good nurse is a gift and that the things I do, no matter how big or small, can have a significant impact on the lives of my patients – Kirsty Scott

I pledge to be as true to myself as possible for the benefit of my patients and the society I live in – Graeme Waugh

I pledge to understand the person as a person and not “the patient with dementia” – Chris Wallace

I pledge to always look at my patients as the individuals they are and not the condition they have. Remembering to treat them as I would want my family and loved ones to be treated – Karen Carmichael

My pledge is to make a difference. I want to be that nurse that consultant, that loving family member who truly gives all they can give.  I am doing my training, but I see it more as me optimising who I am at my very core. Someone who cares and strives to bring positively to people who need it – Graeme McBurnie

I pledge to always ask about the little things – Lauren Johnson

I pledge to be that nurse that can care for my patients that make them and their family happy – Abbie Smith

I pledge to finish each day of this profession knowing that I have made someone smile or laugh or just made that difference to an individual no matter how big or small that difference may be.

I want to be the change. The change that helps my patients have a better day; that learns about the things that matter; that provides the best care I possibly can and sets an example for everyone else to do the same.

I pledge to treat each person as an individual. To find out what matters to each person.

I want to be “that nurse” who makes a big difference into someone’s life and that my career is never thing I do but who I am.

I pledge to always see past dementia to the person and their family and to make a difference by my word, my actions and my attitude.

I pledge to see the person behind the illness/disease to get to know my patient and make a difference to someone’s life – patient or carer.

I pledge to make a difference to a person`s life, even if it’s only a small thing.

I pledge to always do my best to care for and talk with the people I care for, their cares and family. To respect their wishes and protect their dignity – Shelia Dillon

I pledge to know at least one thing that’s important in the life of each and every individual I care for in my career and outside – Corri McMahon

My pledge is to see the people I care for and not the disease they may have. My aim is to do the little things in a person’s life to be able to support them, as the little things in life are the ones that makes the difference in a person’s life and their overall experience.  Person-centred care is essential – Laura Jayne Walker

I pledge to see the person, not the disease. To learn that every individual had their own lives and people who are important to them and care for them all – Courtney McLean

I pledge to learn about an individual’s life and what matters to them – Nicolle

I pledge to always remember that there is a person behind the illness – Carrie Rae

My pledge is to be the best nurse I can be for the people I care for – Patricia Caren

I pledge to speak up for people with dementia and there cares when I see things that are not right and make them aware of their moral, ethical and most importantly legal rights and entitlements.

My pledge is to continue to be myself – Jade Butler

I pledge to be the best nurse I can be to all my patients, their family and friends – Lynn Paul

My pledge is to try and bring happiness to everyone I care for and to remind them they are not alone – Bryony Dalgliesh

I pledge to listen, think and make a difference. To remember the impact little things can have on a vulnerable person’s life – Kallie Jamieson

I pledge to never change or lose sight of what I have set out to become a nurse. Bring happiness and hope to everyone I meet – Shanna Power

I pledge to be a friend and know the importance of the small things and know how vital listening is – Caitlin McNeil


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