Dementia Friends Session – University of Central Lancashire March 2015

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Tommy was very honoured to speak along with Roz Hargreaves (Mental Health Nurse formerly of University of Central Lancashire) at the Dementia Friends Session – University of Central Lancashire in March of this year.

We are truly inspired by the kindness and the 174 pledges below.

Thank you Roz, UCLAN and to the incredible people we met.  You can follow Roz and the University on Twitter at @rozih @UCLanMH

Here is a few words from Roz:

In March 2015 I went to give a dementia friends talk to the new nursing students.  I shared Tommy’s story with showing videos of Tommy talking about the struggles he had to face looking after his mum Joan.  After which I asked the nursing students to make a pledge on what difference they was going to make.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that took the time to write a pledge.  That small difference will make a big difference to someone`s life.  Below is also a few online pledges sent to us @dementiacarervo

I have learned to see the person in them and not the disease think how you would feel in that position.

Also communicate and make people aware because a lot of people don’t know what Dementia is or what it does to a person, it would be good to make people aware. Understanding is knowledge – Sarah Uwadiale

Research into Dementia and have a better understanding and knowledge of the disease.

Listen and talk more openly about it, to also help others to understand better – Faye Robinson

Sit down and talk to somebody who is suffering with dementia and talking about their life. Talking about happy memories, make them smile – Stephanie

Understanding the impact of Dementia not only to the patient but to immediate family members. Understand if the family members need support in dealing with a patient with Dementia.

Listen and care – Sarah Bliss

Take time to listen to someone’s story – Helen Bennett

Admire their strength struggles and my opportunity to acknowledge these – Louise Sharples

Listen to people that care for people with dementia, be caring and, offer my support, and help to increase awareness of dementia – Zoe Trudeau

Treat someone with dementia with the same respect that I would give to others (my friends, family and colleagues) – Karen Kane

Explain who I am and what is happening clearly to someone with dementia so that they are not frightened or see me as a stranger – Charis

Consider how can support carers when on placement – Kelly Miller

Make more people aware of the affects dementia has, symptoms to look out for and provide knowledge for families about the disease and how to deal with it.

Make people/carers aware of the seriousness of dementia and how they are acting in certain ways because of having dementia.

Donate money and talk about what I have learned about Dementia to family and friends to raise awareness.

Increase my knowledge of dementia.

Do more research on Dementia, so that I have good knowledge about it – Tanya Muah

When I meet people suffering from dementia as a student nurse, I will treat them with kindness and dignity and offer their families the support they need – Sanya Hussain

Listen, support and talk to them.

Ask questions & get to know them, give them your time! – Stephanie Johnston

Learn more to help understand – Katie Burrell

Take time to listen to family members and show empathy and understanding to help them – Lauren Pearson

Show compassion, listen to them and give them your time – Ainsley Parsons

I will take the time to sit down and have a chat and a brew with someone I know that has dementia at work – B.H

 I will donate to any charities that support dementia as much as possible, to ensure that help will always be there for sufferers and families – Melissa Wallbank

Raise awareness.

I am going to… complete a charity run and donate all my sponsored money to a dementia charity. This will raise awareness to all my sponsors and raise money for the disease – Ellie Nicholl­

Talk about it – Katie Clarke

I will always bring positivity whenever I’m around a patient suffering dementia. They may not remember who I am, but they would feel the happy emotion – Lori Redfern

Become a dementia friend for patients at the Wigan and Leigh Hospice. Also, I will always try my best to understanding with sufferers – Elise Stokes

Take a minute and listen, that way showing that you care. Sometimes all it takes is a few kind words to change a persons day.

What am going to do about Dementia! If I do get the opportunity to care for someone with Dementia in the future, I would like to do some research on how to handle the people, keep the company and possibly introduce him to our lord and savior Jesus Christ. (out of love) – Bwalya

In future when I will interact with people with Dementia or families who are affected by Dementia, I will listen and engage in conversations about their lives, so that they feel the warmth of someone’s support.

 I will spend more time chatting with people with dementia and their family and friends at work to try to raise more awareness in my workplace – Louise Taylos

 Speaking about dementia openly with people close to you, family, friends, people I work with. Share experiences and help one another to understand the origin and the ways to deal with the illness on everyday basis – Karmelin Lis

Patience – Holly Cunningham

Care, listen, be a friend – Alistair Duckworth

Listen to understand service users plus carers – Hayley Hardman

Try to see more from my grandpa’s perspective who lives with dementia – Mark Saynes

 I will try to listen to them and this will help me understand their needs and how they feel each day. This will help we (everyone) to be able to care for people with dementia and give them the good quality care and love they need – Herculine Okafur

 Have work placement to help people with Dementia – Oliver W

Join Dementia Friends.

I am going to ensure that anybody I come across with dementia is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. I will also look into joining dementia friends! – Sophie Benny

 I live by this quote, ‘once you’ve met one person with dementia…, you’ve met one person with dementia! ‘See me, not just the Dementia – Danielle Stead

Do more research into Dementia, and use the knowledge I already have to help people with Dementia and their families, cope with this illness and its impacts. Also to pass on this knowledge to other care givers – Dareen Stoke

Be a friend, and look into signing up to be a Dementia friends – Adele Slater

Try and gain experience alongside dementia sufferers, how they cope with daily lifestyles – Powell Marsden

Be empathetic and assist where I can. Help with charities and make people more aware of dementia. Help, care, love make aware! – Luke Thirlurell

Sit down and take time to Talk! – Keira Pearson

I’m going to help raise awareness about dementia. Your video touched me – Abigail Ingham

I pledge to wear my dementia friend pin proud, in order to raise awareness in the local community and everywhere I go! – Danielle Cannon

Take time to really listen to people with dementia and carers, in fact everyone, not just wait to talk – Julie McMahon

Take time to educate all communities, material and advice in different languages.

Ability to understand.

I will try my best to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for people with dementia who I come into contact with. There is a lot more to a person than the dementia and I will take the time to listen and understand. I will wear the Dementia friends badge to raise awareness.

Listen – Nicola Robens

Help and raise awareness of the disease in both the community and in the health care profession – Rhiannon Farrell

I will become a dementia friend. You are an inspiration. Small changes today make big changes for the future – Joanne Wheeler

Listen to people, carers and people w dementia. Raise more awareness about dementia. Offer help/time. Offer advice – Aimee Ferguson

Dementia affects more than the person who is diagnosed.

Raise awareness to everyone.

Become a dementia friend. Listen to others who have relatives with forms of dementia. Empathize, understand and ask how they are doing. As a carer to someone with dementia it can be extremely hard I hope I can help in some way – Beverley Hinde

I am going to research Dementia nursing with a vie to qualifying in that field. I already have personal experience and think It is important to explain my involvement and what I can do more to help people in the community when I am qualified – Robinson

Share dementia friends on Facebook to make more people aware of dementia – Carmen Mareno

Become a dementia friend and talk openly about dementia – Nicola Holmes

Learn and understand – Jennie Ferdowsian

Be aware of symptoms in placements and help if possible – Hayley McClure

Treat with respect and compassion and listen to them no matter what – Aimee Beckham

As a nursing student, I will give care, try to understand about people who are facing dementia and try to engage them in activities that help them to strengthen their memory power. I will always treat dementia patients with love – Shilya Muruganantham

Talk about it – Helen Vickers

Use social media to raise awareness, find out more information about how to get involved and become a dementia friend. Also volunteer my time to any other local organization to give back and to be there for someone – Ikraam Hassan

Talk about it more openly and raise more awareness.

I will be there more than what I am to be there for dementia patients and also ask how they are feeling each day – Samantha Louise Foster

 Talk to me, tell me, help me, love me I am still the same person – Chloe Marsden

I am going to try to help reduce any stigma related to any mental illness of dementia by treating any patients and their families with dignity – Rachel Lang

Raise awareness for people with dementia and their carers and all the work and dedication they put in to helping the people they care for – Shama McGee

I am going to listen – Claire Mallon

Understand, help, care and love – Cathy Peach

I will take action to show understanding and compassion to all that have dementia and their families and friends letting them know that they are not alone and provide them with support and someone who listens to them and to raise awareness among those come into contact with – Emma Battersby

To support them, has them empathy, to care for them, help them with their shopping, assist them with washing and ironing. Support them to their health appointment – Yas Kinsargbar

Make and effort to talk to carers of people with dementia, to make sure they also get the right support – Phoebe

Talk openly to people about dementia, talk to people who have had dementia affect their lives, sufferers or carers.

Follow Dementia Friends on Facebook so I can help reach out. Furthermore, add to the number of followers to help get to 4 million.

Make sure they know they are loved – Nikki Kealey

I will always remember the bookcase theory and understand that someone with dementia can loose their memory and understanding but keep their emotions and feelings – Hannah Ralcliffe

Take the time to listen to people suffering from dementia and try to see the real person behind the illness – Emma Cutmore

 To be able to help other people in your position, not have to go through what you and your mum has gone through – Lesley Churchward

Talk and listen to my residents with dementia in an open and engaging way – Kim Taubman

Always leave my granddad with a feeling of being loved, warm and safe after every visit – Katie Slater

Speak about Dementia honestly and realistically – Danny McFadyen

Support – Clare Hobbs

Listen – Stacey Hair

Encourage a new friend to become a dementia friend – Emmeline McLaughlin

Believe in the individual, respect their human rights – Stephen Budworth

Become more aware of the different types of dementia and helping more people to become known to the illness.

To be more understanding towards affected people, to listen and pay attention to their needs and wants. Caring and showing love to individuals suffering from dementia. Showing empathy. Create awareness – Avril Ayetteyman

Think about the people in society that have a form of dementia and their families, carers and people around them, how I may approach them or something positive to say to them – Zoe Pearson

I’m going to make sure more people are aware that even if they don’t remember your name, those with dementia are still the people you love and need you more than ever – Zac Ormrod

Empathise – put myself in their shoes – Kelly

Listen to their history/past and learn about their stories, make them feel wanted, important and special and hold their hands through hard times – Hayley Dickinson

To befriend people suffering dementia. To volunteer if possible, to educate people in the community about dementia.

Talk to dementia patients more about their story. Remember that they are vulnerable. Re assume them constantly. Tell them your name and call them by there often for reassurance. Find what makes them happy, e.g. A photo or personal teddy bear. Do my Dementia friends champion training. Remember my Nan who had vascular Lewy bodies Dementia with a memory walk. Do a 10k plus 5k run for Alzheimer’s Society. Raise awareness with colleagues.

I am going to visit my uncle with Dementia and spend some time with him. I am going to listen to my cousin who is supporting him and I am going to ask about what support my cousin has? Can I help? Thank you Tommy, what you have said really helped me to understand.

Raise the awareness by promoting and getting involved in charities. I would also volunteer to help families and relatives of people with dementia.

Ensure people are treated with dignity – Laura Glenton

I am going to make people more aware of dementia and help people to understand it. People that are both in the healthcare profession and those that aren`t – Naomi West

I will always endeavour to listen to anybody who suffers with dementia and treat them with dignity, respect and love as I would with anybody else – Natasha Minn

To help the cause of dementia, I will continue to volunteer with Revilalies on their dementia weeks where I interact and join those with dementia and their carers on a weeklong residential holiday. I will also wear my dementia friend badge to increase the awareness – Claire Johnson

The action I will take, regarding dementia is learn more about causes if it and have the awareness of it. I will also do more research into it as to how to deal with the causes of dementia.  Showing empathy also towards family members of people with dementia is also another fundamental action I will be taking – Sareen Mahmood

Getting of having regular support/liaise with G.P (Unfortunately the support /information from G.P was poor). The family needs regular liaison from trained medical professionals of the social services who gave invaluable support to my mum of the family member – Zainab Shaikh

Dementia – Spread the word and share the love! – Keleigh Smith          

An action I am going to take about dementia is take time to listen to understand the best I can – Laura Smith                                                                                                                   

 To show comfort and act in a compassionate way to provide the right support for families and patients – Vanessa Moon

“Going to show everyone I work with in Royal Blackburn hospital your powerful and moving video. I`ve worked with dementia patients for a long time, but this had made me think about dementia in a completely different way.  Thank you for sharing your story” – Francesca Bell

Show understanding and advocacy we are human beings and an illness does not change that – Ella Byron

Show compassion, empathy, listen and be kind – Naomi Rowley

As my grandad`s full time carer (As well as being a full time nursing student) I am going to love, cherish and remember everything this great man has done for me to make the man I’ve become. We laugh and cry together but most of all I am going to love him and make the rest of his life the happiest and live filled as I can.  Love you always grandad! – Jonathan Blan

I will engage with a service user at work who suffers with dementia and enjoy the time we can spend together. Appreciating the wonderful woman she was and continues to be – Charlotte Seed

I plan to make myself more aware of dementia to give better patient care – Lianne Dunn

Take the time to talk and listen to people with dementia (As I have been doing in my previous job) – Cassandra Allan

After watching the inspiring video of you and your mum I am now going to donate more money to dementia charities to ensure there is more funding out there for the carers and also the person suffering from dementia – Nicole

I am going to join dementia friends.

I`ve joined dementia friends to make me more aware of dementia. This will give me more understanding and hopefully will help me listen to people with dementia and their families to help support people with dementia and their families – Zoe Crook

Support and listen.

I`m going to make sure I’m a friendly face and show compassion on every time I am in the presence of a person with dementia – Sharon

Empathy. Put yourself in their position and have more understanding of the illness and how to work with it – Eleanor Pierce

Listen. Try to listen more to the person.  Take time to understand their situation – Jessica Doyley

Always love and try to make a dementia patient happy. Their emotions and feelings stay within – Jodie Baczynski

Become a dementia friend! Make people more aware about dementia and it’s just not old age that causes it – Laura Hartles

Learn more about dementia. Listen to cares and patients with dementia – Laura Simpson

As a dementia friend. I am going to continue to raise awareness.

I am going to take the time to ask my clients a question about their life every day. And listen to their response to get to know them better – Jessica Gordon

Be empathetic towards family and friends and raising awareness of the facts of dementia. Give help where needed and advise if possible.  Guiding them to many services that may be available – Marie Taylor

Listen – Tracey Pickstock

Research dementia more – Sophie Williams

I am going to share Tommy`s story with family and friends. I hope this way I will be able to make people aware of this illness and let them know that there is support available everywhere.  People should not suffer silently.

I pledge to take time to sit down and listen to people who suffer from dementia – Marianne

Pass message on. Listen and respect.  Have the time and do not judge – Tammy

Interact more. Don’t isolate.  Respect.  Los of Dignity.  Mum Loss…..Don’t forget family left – Kim Hopson

Raise awareness by talking to people – Danielle Wiggin

Ask question about their past and reminisce it can always make a smile – Maxine Johnstone

Listen to an individual’s needs and take action to ensure they receive the support they need – Rachel Bradford

 Raise awareness among friends, family and within my local community. Offer support to those affected by dementia – Toni Kennedy

Putting more consideration in the interactions between me as a healthcare profession and dementia patient and the carers. Remembering to view dementia patients as an individual.  They have a name, they are a daughter, a mother, a son, a father, grandfather, grandmother.  I am going so the level of care and understanding towards them and their carers/family will be a lot more personal – Miriam

 Spread awareness. Communicate. Advocate in my workplace.  I want to help change perspectives and attitudes – Sarah Hall

Try to understand that dementia is an illness. Encourage dementia sufferers to seek help.  Encourage dementia sufferers to get involved in activities in the community or activities which can be mind stimulating – Shingli Foster


Become a dementia friend and be understanding/caring/compassionate to family members affected by dementia – Nicola Parker

I’ll use my new found knowledge to raise awareness and help people understand the disaster that is dementia.

Raise Awareness.

I will try to help dementia to be known about in the community and workplace. I will get to know individuals as a person and make sure I know who they are inside.

Book a shift on a dementia ward to gain more insight and experience – Linzie Robinson

 I am going to be aware and help other people be aware so that they can understand the effects of dementia. And know that whoever is affected by it can be helped – Luce Martindale

 I now know and have a good understanding of what dementia patients really need “LOVE, CARE and AFFECTION”. That I promise to give and create awareness as well in every day I can – Chioma Ogaziechi

I will show them love, comfort them and help to be positive and never see them as dementia but as individuals who need our support. I saw dementia as a disease but now I feel enlightened and eyes wide open to see that they need my help, love and most importantly CARE – Olumuyura Esan (David)

Get involved in any dementia campaigns and courses so I can understand more and have knowledge in how to care for people with dementia.

Showing more empathy and understanding towards a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s – Emily Holden

Learn more about dementia and spread awareness to those I know – Sophie Dowling

Be understanding.

I will try to raise awareness about dementia and listen to the individual and their family – Sabrina Abdullah

Spend more time with my confused mother who is currently struggling with the early onset of dementia, focusing on positives and avoiding petty arguments that arise from her confusion.

Sufficient care for that person. Speak out and try not to be isolated.  Raise the awareness and the potential danger of the disease.  Try to engage with others by sharing your experience – Deferre Lucas

I will certainly do all I can to raise awareness of the effects on both the patient and the carer. It’s a frightening place to be and the more aware people are of the support available will help ease things a little – Julia B

I will always make sure that I give the highest standard of care required for those who are experiencing dementia and their families. I will also try to take part in raising awareness of dementia to my family and friends so they can research and understand more so that they can offer help in a very caring manner – Irene

 Ask if there’s anything I can do.

Always listen to them. Communicate with them.  Never underestimate what they can do. Reassure them.  Build hope in them.  Encourage them.  Show them empathy, give appropriate care.  Ask them what they life doing and encourage them to do it – Adesuwa

 I am going to be committed to being a nurse, a mental health nurse who is going to listen and give full dedication to caring for anyone with dementia. After listening to Tommy Whitelaw it’s given me a different view of how I will treat people with dementia.  I am more passionate about being a mental health nurse than ever before – Embe

I will be sure going forward to always consider how the disease effects not only the patient but their family and cares too. I will be sure to always ask “how are you” and if there is anyways I can help both in personal and work situations – Tanya Warner

Treat each dementia patient and family/carer member individually regarding to their own personal needs regarding the illness – Tracy Mousdell





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