GCU Health and Social Care Students make a pledge to make a difference

Friday 9th October saw the whole Dementia Carer Voice visit GCU to share with them Tommy`s caring experiences, tools they can use on placement and to ask them to make a pledge to make a difference.


Irene kicked off the session with sharing a bit about the ALLIANCE and what we do.  Tommy then shared his experience caring for him mum Joan.  We then rounded of the day with a special guest.  It was a delight to be joined by our dear friend and colleague Shaun Maher who chatted to the students about his experience of being a nurse and some of the tools they could use, to help make a difference to someone’s life.

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Big thank you to Margaret Caldwell for asking us to come alone and arranging the day and lets not forget the students who came along on a Friday afternoon.  Massive thanks to all for making a pledge to make a difference.  We had great feedback on the afternoon and hope you will take the afternoon and lessons learned with you on your University/work life journey.

You can follow Tommy, Irene and Shaun on Twitter at: @TommyNtour @IreneOldfather @S4Maher

Thank you.

Team Dementia Carer Voices.

Here are the pledges from the session:

Alex Lightbody – To always make sure I listen to the people I care for and ask what they want.

Lija Harvey – I will listen to every patient’s story and what makes them an individual.

Megan Jan Torley – I pledge to continue to support, listen to and encourage all the individuals and carers and continue to reassure them they are doing a great job at what they’re doing.

Johan Smith – To be a safe person for dementia sufferers and to see the person first.

Connor Waddell – I pledge to support and encourage all the individuals I encounter in my personal and professional journey to share their life/love stories and work with them to ensure they achieve their goals and aspirations.

Maryjane Roberts – To make a difference by supporting and being that listening ear or that shoulder to lean on or just that comfort.

Rhona Ross – To get the bottom of why someone is anxious and lashing out instead of just trying to appease the situation so I can try and reassure them.

Megan Brownlow – I pledge to see the patients for themselves and not the disease, to see them as an individual.

Tracey Christie – Is to always make time to listen and to offer my support.

Joanna Cameron – To be the kindness, compassion and light in someone’s journey however dark.

Sarah McDowall – To always take time to listen to everyone I care for, find out what matters to them and see the person.

Sarah Manson – I pledge to see people for who they were and who they are now, instead of a bed number and a disease.

Rachel Braithwaite – I will always take the time to listen and understand the individual.

Hannah Ross – To never let a person feel scared or alone about their health care.

Victoria Brown – To listen to the worries and concerns of people and their families affected by dementia. Remember the individual behind the dementia not the disease itself and treat them compassion at all times. Provide support to empower people and act as an advocate if needed.

Nicolle MacDonald – To always promote hope, take time to listen and understand each individual I care for. I will be optimistic and enthusiastic above the job I do and make a difference in my work place wherever it may be over the world.

Jamie-Lee Robertson – To always ensure that everyone in my care and their families have a voice and to always listen to what they have to say.

Markus Hughes – To put kindness over judgment and assumptions.

Jen Patrick – To ensure each patient or carer feels they have someone to talk to. That they feel they are able to ask for help or be able to ask if there is something they don’t understand. To be able to help someone even if all you can do is listen to the person. To be able to help show people compassion and empathy every step of the way.

Debi Kennedy – Is to never “walk past”. Find out what matters to people. Listen and try to understand each individual and their needs. Use my power to be an advocate if needed.

Aimee Kemsley – To ask as many people as is possible, ‘what matters to you?’ throughout my career.

Kim Lockhart – to treat everyone with dementia with kindness and compassion and to listen to their stories and show understanding to their friend and relatives.

Heather MacQueen – to never let anyone with dementia and their families to feel so isolated and lonely because they aren’t ever alone. Everyone matters! All it takes is to listen! Everyone has a voice and a story, so I will listen!

Cara Woods – I pledge to never let people with dementia and their carers and family members, all of those I meet, to feel despair and lose faith. I pledge to be the listening ear and voice they so desperately need. I pledge to make sure that my great gran dies at home and not in a nursing home.

Kirsty Moore – to understand the fear a person may be feeling, to always be kind and to learn more about their lives to be able to find details that would help me improve their futures.

Alison Steven – is to remember how scared those with dementia are and how scared and heart breaking and lonely those who are caring for people with dementia are. To never let a family feel ignored or forgotten about by the NHS.

Caitlin Mulligan – my pledge is to listen to my patients stories to what matters to them, get to know them and do all I can to make them feel as safe as possible.

Daniel Donaghy – to always ensure I give my full attention and time to those who need my help or care and to make sure that I know them and they know me and that I’m here to help.

Ann Marie Muir – I pledge to remember the “little things”. To remember ALL that mattered and matters to a person. I pledge to see a person for who they are and not just for their diagnosis, lastly I pledge to be the best supporting person/friend/nurse I can be to that person and their family.

Karine Hogg – Recognise the “whole” person rather than just the disease or illness and recognising what matters to them as an individual taking into account their past life and experiences and all the other “little things” that matter.

Ruari McFie – My pledge is never to walk past, never to allow anyone, whether they are living with dementia or care for someone with dementia, to feel lost and alone.

Laura Malone – I pledge to always see the person not their dementia. I pledge to get to know who they were, who they are and who they could be.

Lauren Mulvey – I pledge to listen to all the patients and find out what is important to them and always see the person rather than the condition.

Sharon Kelly – I may never be able to say ‘I understand’ but I can be a listening ear, a comforting hand or a small ray of hope whom with a small kind gesture can stop you feeling alone.

Caitlin Donlevy – To Recognise and appreciate that a person is a person and not defined by an illness. To treat them with respect and dignity until the end of their life.

Colette McKeown – I pledge to always listen to people, to see the person they really are and not the illness and to let their family know they are not alone.

Rebecca Lowden – To always get to know someone and make them feel safe and individual. I will treat them as I would treat my only family.

Rebecca MacKinnon – I have been given a gift – the desire to be a nurse. And I wholeheartedly pledge to give this back to the people who need it most. I will do my best to make them feel heard and understood and seen.

Lovemore Andew Ncube – By God’s grace, I will make myself available to work with people affected with this dreadful disease – dementia.

Kay Marie MacDonald – I pledge to listen and get to know my patients, learn about their stories in life. Treat them as human like they deserve. Every life has a story that should be shared.

Sophie McCormack – To see the person rather than their illness. Listen to the individual and help them to the best of my ability. To put their wishes at the top of their care and to involve them with all aspects.

Bryony Charleson – Give importance to the little things that change people’s lives for the better.

Jacqueline McGavern – Is to listen and treat people with respect and dignity. I’m a guest in the person’s life and I am honoured to care for them.

Alison McRoberts – Is to make sure I take the time to be that nurse that makes a difference to patients, carers and family.

Siobhan Campbell – To see the person first and dementia second and to always show kindness and compassion to the person and their families/carers.

Debbi Shannon McNair – Involve and get to know every patient to remember they are a mother, father, daughter or a son and treat them how I would treat my mother or father. I want to give my patient a voice, see them, not dementia.

Tamzin Younger – Taking the time to talk to patients to find out what matters to them in memory of my uncle and nanny.

Ashleigh Coyle – To take time to understand the person, show empathy and compassion!

Florence Brooke – To always listen to people’s experiences, treat people with respect and dignity and see the person not the illness.

Joanne Campbell – Ensure I have enough time to spend with the people I have the privilege to support.

Melissa Glass – I will take the time to listen, make a difference in their lives.

Pauline Geoghegan – To ensure that I make a positive impact on you and your family’s journey.

Christine Gibson – Is simply to take the time to sit and listen. Ask what I can do to make a difference.

Claris Kapinga – I pledge to listen to patients effectively. Identify their values preferences and needs as well as involve their loved ones in their care.

Caitlin Symington – I am to be a nurse who can tell a patient and their families they will be ok and I will be there every step of the way:- to comfort, to support , to wipe their tears. I promise to listen to their concerns and needs and will aim to make a difference.

Miriam Ali – Is to find out what the care receiver wants to tell me/ talk about. I want to ask questions about the good things they enjoyed in life.

I want to be a “Human, Understanding ear” to anyone who needs my time and help. I want to listen to people and hear their story.

To always take time to talk listen and hear their stories

To always take time to talk to others.

I would like to support people and their families with dementia positively. I would like to be the one that people feel comfortable with me in helping their dementia journey. Treat them as the person who they are and make them feel listened to.

To take the time to listen, empathise and support.

To be understanding and listen, to be a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, to help more people with dementia feel safe and their family.

Is to listen to the people in my care and be there for them and their families. I will show them the kindness the deserve and strive to give them a happy and valued life.

To take a proactive role as an advocate for people with dementia and their carers.

I Pledge to listen carefully and communicate effectivity with people and their families.

I Pledge to listen to families and carers to find out how I can help them and their loved ones live with dementia.

To understand more about dementia, communicate effectively with people with dementia.

I will help lock the potential of the people living with dementia in my care.

I will always get to know patients and their carers to enable me to provide the best care possible and to enhance their experience of healthcare / quality of life.



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